Enyo hosted 20 children to creativity challenge in Lagos

It is often said that Children need experiences that would unleash their curiosity and creativity to propel them to become the critical thinkers and problem-solvers that prosper a rapidly changing world.

Against this background, a technology focused brand – Enyo Retail and Supply in partnership with STEM Café, a Kids creativity play space hosted 20 children across 5 public schools to a design challenge termed “Invention to Entrepreneurship” challenge, where children were tasked to build a vending machine using cardboards, at STEM Café located at Enyo Olowo Eko service station in Lagos.

The participating schools included Wesley Girls Secondary School, Sabo, Yaba; Mobolaji Bank-Anthony Junior High School, Sabo, Yaba; Aje Comprehensive Junior High School, Sabo, Yaba; Jibowu Junior High School, Yaba and Eletu-Odibi Junior High School, Abule-Oja, Yaba.

The children experienced the amazing world of STEM in a fun and interactive way, displaying their design and resource management skills, while learning how to monetize their invention.

Speaking at the event, The Chief Executive Officer, Enyo Retail and Supply, Mr. Awobokun Abayomi noted that the role of children in every society is very essential.

He added that it is important that children are provided with the tools they need to succeed in an ever changing world from a young age.

Awobokun expressed the commitment of the company to providing innovative STEM education in Nigeria, and increasing awareness of science and tech career opportunities which abound for youth in the country.

He explained that the company is need of innovators who can disrupt the market.

The CEO further explained that we are more than a provider of fuel products, we are also a company that brings value to all stakeholders by investing in the community”

The Managing Director, STEM Café, Lekki, Ebere Nkoro explained that the programme seeks to expose the kids to the concepts of innovation and transformation of the idea to commercial value.

“As the netizens, they are unlimited by their imaginations and we are here to inspire them to ensure their limitations in whatever way, in academics, do not limit their STEM pursuit.

“We are building both innovative and softskills in them like design thinking, critical thinking, purpose driven approach to problem solving.

“We introduce these concepts in a fun manner in a conducive environment”, she said.

Sales and Marketing Lead, Enyo Retail & Supply, Mr. Olabanjo Alimi said that there is need to change the thinking mode of Nigerians towards technology building in order to have a prosperous nation.

“Nigeria is a science and technology-driven country, but few people are interested in building technology and there is need to change that thinking mode.

“We are collaborating with STEM Café to create curiosity in the minds of young people.

“Honestly, where we are today is based on partnership. What we hope to achieve is to sustain our mileage for STEM in Nigeria even though we are in an industry focused on oil and gas” She said.

Also speaking, Head, Science & Curriculum, Education District IV, Lagos State, Adenekan Adekunle said that leveraging innovative teaching methods enable easier assimilation and better answer students’ curiosity.

He dressed Enyo Retail and STEM Café with a borrowed rope for teaching the students about the benefits of innovative thinking.

“This method of teaching ignites a passion for learning and provides students with the tools they need to succeed in the innovation economy. I am most happy that the program goes beyond innovating to entrepreneurship.

He said that the Lagos State takes the concepts of STEM teaching and learning very seriously and have gone ahead to support such initiatives.

“Whatever NGOs can do to expose our children to STEM is welcome. Recall, we are running a free education. We are here to support and ensure the success of programs like this,” Adekunle added.