Enjoy the rich taste of Coconut Jollof rice this weekend

COCONUT Jollof Rice is a popular  dish in many homes, eatries, restaurants and  parties in Nigeria because of its  coconut taste and aroma, which is different from that of the normal Nigerian jollof rice. There are two different ways of cooking coconut rice. The first way is to cook it plain without adding sauce while the second way is to cook it with sauce, like the usual jollof rice but with a distinctive coconut taste.  This weekend, why not try out the coconut jollof rice? Your family will surely enjoy it and thank you for spicing up their weekend with this mouth-watering delicacy.


Ingredients For  Coconut Jollof Rice

Rice grains

Vegetable oil

Tomato puree

Coconut Milk

Chicken/ Beef stock or plain water



Ground Crayfish (optional)


Blended Pepper



Preparations Before Cooking the Coconut Jollof Rice

Extract Coconut Milk from whole coconut and pour it in a clean bowl.

Cook the chicken/beef, grill/fry and set aside.


 Prepare your tomato stew

Wash and parboil your white rice and leave  it to drain in a sieve.

Grind the crayfish  and set it  aside

Now let’s cook: pour the tomato stew, meat stock and the extracted coconut milk in a pot and leave to boil for five minutes.

Then pour the parboiled rice into the pot, add the chopped onions, ground crayfish, seasoning cubes, pepper and salt to taste.

Make sure that the liquid in the pot is at the same level as the rice in the pot, if not, add more water to it.

Cover and leave the rice to cook on medium heat until the liquid in the pot is dried up.

When the rice is tender and there is no more liquid in the pot, turn off the cooker.

Your coconut jollof rice is ready to be served.

You can serve it with salad, moin moin or fried plantains. Enjoy your food.

Bon appetite!

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