#EndSARS: Obiano declares 24-hour curfew beginning by 8 pm Thursday

• Order closure of schools, market

Anambra State governor, Willie Obiano has declared a 24-hour curfew starting by 8 pm, just as the Central Police station (CPS) Nnewi has been razed down by some youths.

Obiano in a broadcast on Thursday said the state must take proactive measures to ensure peace and stability in the state.

The governor in the broadcast ordered for the closure of all schools, markets and any gathering in the state.

“But we must not succumb to the morbid attractions of violence; no matter the provocation, no matter how justified our anger and no matter how easy it all might seem. Violence does not yield fruitful results.

“Our beloved state remains largely safe and isolated from the boiling sea outside, we have also recorded a few unpleasant incidents in our domain and there is justifiable anger in the land. But we cannot give it a chance to consume us all” we are taking precautionary steps to prevent further descent to lawlessness in Anambra State by imposing a 24-hour curfew with effect from 8 pm today until we bring this rising tension under control.

All schools and markets in Anambra State are hereby closed. All gatherings by groups and associations under any name or label from 8 pm are banned.

The law enforcement agencies in the state have been duly directed to enforce compliance to the curfew.

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“However, all law enforcement officers charged with ensuring compliance with the restriction on movement must resist the temptation of applying excessive force while attempting to bring the situation under control. We cannot afford to repeat the same mistakes that created the problem we are trying to solve in the first place” he said.

He also assured all non-indigenes living in Anambra State of safety and security wherever they live in the state.

According to him, the state government would not allow any person to be harmed.

The governor also added that in response to the nationwide demand by Nigerian youths for an end to the gross violation of their human rights by the defunct SARS,  his administration had taken proactive measures to enthrone justice and peace in our dear state.

“I have personally visited all the facilities used by the defunct SARS and freed all the prisoners in unlawful detention.

“I have set up a Judicial Panel of Inquiry to listen to petitions from victims of human rights violations by the defunct SARS. And more importantly, I am happy to announce that we have set aside the sum of N200m to be disbursed as compensations to people who have proven cases of rights violations, torture and deaths from the activities of the defunct SARS in Anambra State.

This provision is part of the 2021 Budget which shall be presented to the State House of Assembly in a matter of days.

An effort is made essentially in pursuit of a better society. We know that no amount of money can equate human life. But we believe that a symbolic gesture delivered at the right moment can heal old wounds and help aggrieved families to find closure in these most traumatic times” he said.

Obiano called on stakeholders including religious leaders, traditional rulers, market leaders, community leaders and leaders of the various youth associations across State to rise to the challenge and speak to the youths and calm the boiling anger in the land.

“Whatever we destroy in a feat of anger was built by us, even if they were donated to federal institutions within our state. We must do everything we can to avoid self-inflicted injuries” he said.


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