Emiliano Guerrero On Breaking Ground In His Industry

Most teenagers struggle with knowing which career path to take. Even well into young adulthood, many people have a hard time finding work that is both fulfilling and financially rewarding. Emiliano Guerrero thought he had solved both of those problems early on in life. “I was convinced my life’s plan was to graduate, go to college, and get a well paying job on Wall Street,” he explains.

 Emiliano graduated high school at the age of 16, but somewhere along the path to fast-track his life, he realized that he was no longer excited by these pursuits. He admits, “I wasn’t happy with what I was doing: being told what to wear, being told what to do, being told what to think…”

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 After dealing with a speech impediment throughout his childhood, Emiliano is no stranger to forging his own path in life. “My struggle with speaking has led to my brain being wired differently than most, as my brain selectively filters out vocabulary I have trouble pronouncing and using in sentences,” he says. “My brain, instead of being hyper focused on language, is overly analytical in nature. I strive and love to find mathematically and correlated patterns in my everyday life.”

 Instead of following his original career plan, Emiliano utilized his knack for problem solving to leverage him into a new industry. “I dropped out of college before my last year and jumped into the deep end,” he recalls. “It was brutal and hard and I learned a lot. But about two years later, here I am, living with my business partner, solving great problems, and now doing seven figures a year in revenue through my eCommerce based start-up.”

Through Scale Online and Emiliano’s subsequent Youtube channel, ZGN, he hopes to continue staying true to himself in his career. He reiterates, “I despise being told what to do, what box to fit into, and which dull rules to follow. I need the freedom to solve interesting problems or I lose my sense of purpose.”




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