Eid-el-Kabir: Bauchi Gov calls for self-assessment, peaceful coexistence

Muslim Ummah in Bauchi state has been called upon to use the occasion of the Eid-el-Kabir for self-assessment in the last one year so as to take corrective measures where necessary, for them to be amongst the believers who will enjoy the mercies of Allah (SWT) in the hereafter.

The call was made by the Bauchi State Governor, Sen Bala Mohammed Abdulkadir in his Sallah message to the people of Bauchi State stressing that the religion of Islam propagates total submission to the will of Allah (SWT) and peaceful coexistence with our fellow human beings.

The Governor added that “As we are aware, the Holy Qur’an has commanded every Muslim to spend something (in charity) out of the treasure which Allah has bestowed on him. Also, one of the early teachings of Prophet Muhammad was that God expects Muslims to be generous with one another, irrespective of our religious, ethnic and political differences. We should also use the Eid-el-Kabir occasion to strengthen the existing interpersonal relationship and create new ones. We should imbibe the spirit of forgiveness, humility and respect for one another”.

The Governor further stated that, “My fellow citizens, leadership is about sacrifice, let me reassure you of this administration’s commitment to continue to serve you and together we forge ahead in our quest to develop our state”.

“As you can see we are making our modest efforts in infrastructural development, education, health, youth empowerment and agriculture, which I believe are critical to the development of our dear State. We will continue to pursue developmental projects which have direct bearings on the lives of our people to the door-steps of all the communities in the State”, he added.

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Bala Mohammed further stated that “We are not unmindful of the present hardships being experienced by the people as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic being faced globally. These hardships are being experienced in our social and religious aspects”.

The Governor also said that “I call on our people to bear with us on this serious Health situation. As a responsible Government, we will continue to render palliative measures with a view to cushioning the effects of the hardships. I will, however, use the opportunity to call on all and sundry to continue to bear with Government and make some sacrifices to ensure that we put our State on the path of greatness”.

“The present hardship is temporary, as soon as we put our acts together by obeying the protocols of COVID-19 as demanded by experts in various fields, we will come out victorious. After all, Eid-el Adha is all about sacrifice, adherence to the practices and principles of patience and perseverance. I urge you all to continue to pray for peace, progress and development of our dear State and the county in general”, the Governor assures.

Bala Mohammed said that “Today’s occasion is a commemoration of the great sacrifice and total submission of Prophet Abraham (AS) to the will of Allah when he answered the Divine call to sacrifice his only son, Prophet Isma’il. As Muslims, we should emulate this unprecedented act of sacrifice as a sign of obedience to Allah (SWT), through the observance of Eid prayers, animals sacrifice, charity and festive meals”.

He then appealed to all motorists to observe traffic regulations, so that they can reduce accidents on the highways throughout the period of Eid-el-Kabir celebration and beyond just as he appealed to parents to control their children and wards in order to reduce the incidents of missing children during this festivities saying, “I wish you Allah’s guidance and blessings throughout the Eid-el-Kabir celebration.


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