Egg-Coated Fried Yam (Yamarita)

EGG-coated fried yam is a common delicacy among homes in the northern part of Nigeria. It is a food to love and there are varieties of delicacies we can prepare with our yam by boiling, roasted or fried.

Egg-coated fried yam is an easy and straightforward meal which anybody can easily prepare. You don’t need to stay too long in the kitchen while preparing this food because it is fast and straight to the point. It may be served with egg sauce, tomato sauce, or any sauce of your choice.

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½-1 Small Yam Tuber (peeled and cut into rectangular or your desired shapes)

¼ Cup Flour (the amount of flour would be determined by how many yams you’re frying)

1-2 Tablespoon Chili (adjust to your preference)

2 Teaspoons Dried thyme

1 Tablespoon Red bell pepper (chopped)

1 Tablespoon Green onion (chopped)

1 Tablespoon Whole Milk

1 Large Egg and Salt

Seasoning powder/cube (optional if you don’t eat seasoning powder replace with salt and pepper.)


Slice the yam into a round then peel, cut into a rectangular shape or your desired shapes.

Soak into a bowl of water then repeat the process with the rest of the yam.

In a big saucepan or pot, add the sliced yam and water, season with water then boil, when you pierce a fork into the yam, and it goes in without any restriction then it is cooked enough. You don’t want to overcook your yam if not it will fall apart.

When the yam is done, drain or remove the yam from the water; be careful with hot water. While the yam is boiling, make your dredge station; in a small bowl, add flour, thyme, red bell, chopped green onion, salt, seasoning powder if you’re using or replace with salt and pepper then whisk together.

In another bowl, whisk an egg, milk and salt. Mix both egg mixture and flour mixture together.

Heat enough oil in a shallow pan/fryer/pot over medium-high heat.

Coat each yam in the yam mixture then fry until golden brown.

Serve and enjoy!



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