Edo 2020: Group vows to boycott poll if Muslim candidate is not fielded

The Edo Committee of Muslims and Stakeholders (EDOCOMS 2020) has said the Muslim community in Edo State would boycott the November 2020 governorship election in the state if all candidates do not pick a Muslim as running mates.

The President of the Group, Mallam Suleman Alasan while addressing journalists in Abuja said: “it is a fact that Muslims constitute a sizable minority in Edo State”.

He, therefore said, “it is palpably clear that this situation is neither an accident of history nor error of omission but rather a calculated attempt on the part of the leadership of our state to subjugate, undermine and relegate the Muslim population to the background, by means of divide and rule subterfuge”.

“We the Edo Committee of Muslims 2020 have decided to take our destiny in our hands. Enough is Enough. We shall no longer put up with this marginalisation, oppression, depression, suppression and repression of Muslims in Edo State”.

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Speaking on the resolutions of the group, Alasan said they resolved that “come November 2020, a Muslim will be sworn in as Deputy Governor of Edo State.

“That we are calling on fellow Muslims within and without Edo State to rally behind our battle cry of No Muslim No Vote.

“That all candidates for governor understand that we shall not, cannot and will not support a Christian/Christian ticket. Not this time.

“That we cannot be wished away in the calculation for Edo 2020. We will clearly demonstrate that we will not just bark, we take a deep bite.

“That all aspirants are hereby put on notice that this is an idea that has not only come but has come to stay”.

He said the group shall pay the price, bear the burden, support any friend and oppose any foe to ensure the success in their endeavour.


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