Eating A Healthy Breakfast Is Important For 4 Reasons

Food is one of the three basic human necessities, along with shelter and clothes. We cannot overstate the importance of food. Food is essential for the survival of all animals and plants, not humans. Breakfast, lunch, and supper are the three meals that humans consume. Eating three times a day is optimal. But, breakfast is often regarded as the most important of the three square meals for a variety of reasons.

Because of the nature of most people’s jobs and daily routines, skipping breakfast has become part of their daily activities. Doing this leaves them open to a variety of negative consequences. Let’s have a look at some of the possibilities.

  • It affects your productivity

It is a common belief that a hungry man is an angry man. A person with an empty stomach may find it difficult to perform any given task well. This will negatively affect the level of your productivity at work.

  • Decrease in blood sugar level

One of the things breakfast does is to help you restore glycogen and ensure the level of insulin is stable. Skipping breakfast, thus, means you have failed to replenish your glucose which may thus lead to fatigue.

  • It may affect your metabolism

as a car won’t function without fuel, similarly, skipping breakfast affects one metabolism. Breakfast is the first meal you are feeding your body with after a long night’s rest. According to findings, people who don’t skip breakfast have a higher level of rest metabolism when compared to those that skip the meal.

We have learnt some of the disadvantages that go with skipping breakfast,. It is pertinent that we understand some of the reasons why it is important not to ever skip one’s breakfast again.


(1) It boosts brain power

Eating a healthy breakfast helps to supply your brain with the needed glucose to function optimally.  Skipping breakfast may lead to sluggishness and loss of concentration. It may also affect your mental performance, and your ability to pay attention. There is equally a high chance of better performance in academics by those who don’t skip their breakfast.


(2) It encourages healthier eating habits

Eating of breakfast helps to make better food choices. This is because those who eat their breakfast have good eating habits and are less likely to opt for junk food in the middle of the morning or afternoon. If you skip breakfast you can get hungry easily. Most of the time leaves you with no option but to settle for any available meal, be it junk which may pose a threat to your well-being.


(3) It helps to maintain weight

According to findings, people who skip breakfast tend to have extra weight than those who skip don’t the meal. Weight gain often contributes to high cholesterol and blood pressure. This may lead to heart disease and other health problems.


(4) It improves your energy level

Those who eat their breakfast are likely to experience an increase in physical activities and tasks compared to those who skip meals. Like fuel makes a car to work, breakfast also supplies the body with the much-needed energy to overcome day-to-day activities. It may be difficult to perform optimally with an empty stomach.

Despite of our busy schedule, it is important to always create time to eat breakfast before kick-starting our daily activities. This will help improve our productivity and general wellbeing. Some of the ideal meals for breakfast are bread and tea, cereal, fried plantain and eggs, custard/pap, fruits, and whole grain.



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