Drama as nominee calls for scrapping of Senate

A presidential nominee to the board of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), Alhaji Aliyu Saidu Abubakar, surprised senators at the screening by the Communications Committee when he repeatedly called for scrapping of the Senate.

The nominee, who is to represent the North East zone, surprised the lawmakers with his calls for the Senate to be scrapped.

He had led protests in the North-East to advocate the scrapping of the Senate and maintain a unicameral legislature.

When he was confronted with photographs of him leading organised protests against the Senate,especially at the gate of the National Assembly, an unrepentant Abubakar affirmed the pictures.

He said that he had no regret for leading the protests to call for scrapping of the Senate, adding that he was convinced that Senate was an avenue for wastage of scarce economic resources.

Also in an interview with newsmen, Abubaka insisted that the Senate should be scrapped.

He said: “It is not true that I told members of the committee that the Senate should be scrapped. They asked me whether I was part of the group that agitated for the scrapping of the Senate and I said yes because of so many things involved in the Senate and their budget.

“They asked me to state the reasons why we were agitating for the scrapping of the Senate, I said it is because of their huge budget; they consume a lot of resources from the government; they put it in their own budget.

Also, they have transport allowance and, yet, they budget a lot of money to acquire vehicles.”

He also confirmed that the panelists brought out several photographs of him leading the Occupy National Assembly protests, including protests at the premises of the National Assembly as well as in Bauchi adding that he did not deny the pictures.

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