Don’t neglect us, traditional worshippers plead with Makinde

The Aare Isese, Baale Yemoja of Ibadanland, Chief Omikunmi Egbelade, has appealed to the state governor, Engr Seyi Makinde, to strike a considerable balance between the three religious groups in the administration of the state.

According to him, traditional worshippers in the state have not been accorded the ‘recognition’ displayed by the previous administration.

While speaking with Tribune Online, Chief Omikunmi said that the state governor has sidelined them since he got into office.

He, therefore, urged the governor to revisit the promise he made to the group during his electioneering campaign and mend fences.

“During his campaign, he promised to carry us, traditional worshippers, along. However, since he got into office, there has been an imbalance, with it being in the favour of Muslims and Christians. There is no office held by our own in term of cultural centre or tourism. It seems there are no provisions for the traditional worshippers.

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“He made lots of promises as regards our holiday which is August 20th during his campaign to which he did nothing, it was not like this during the administration of Ajimobi,” he said.

Speaking further, The Yemoja of Ibadanland relayed that members of the religious group, especially those in the diaspora, are worried over the ineptitude of the governor to their stake in the state and national development.

He recalled what he called an “uneventful show” the group suffered during the 2020 budget presentation as the last straw that raised the group’s concerns.

“Like the composition of his cabinet, no provision was made for traditional worshippers in the budget of the state. We don’t want to be remembered only when the state is to host the president or any dignitaries.

“FESTAC 1977 came about by the influence of tradition. We built FRSTAC, our forefathers were consulted then. You can’t call on Muslims nor Christians to be masquerades.

“Seyi Makinde has forgotten that during his campaign he involved all three religions, and every traditional worshipper in the state voted for him. He should make provisions for all,” he narrated

He, therefore, reiterated the group’s commitment to ensuring a peaceful and prosperous Oyo, enjoining the state governor, the state Assembly to live up to expectations and involved them in governance.

“We want the Oyo State government to understand that every traditional worshipper voted for Seyi Makinde. The Oyo State House of Assembly should take actions to rectify this as every one of them grew up living by tradition.

We want to be invited to tell the government what we want to be included in the budget for 2020 just like the Muslims and Christians have done. Osun, Ogun and Lagos states have a balance, why should Oyo State be different?” he concluded rhetorically.

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