Day-old baby girl dumped inside water channel in Anambra

RESIDENTS of miracle junction Ifite-Awka, Awka South Local Government Area woke up today to see a day old girl that was dumped inside water channel.

The bizarre scene attracted sympathisers who were pouring curses on whoever did the abomination as the baby was already dead.

Speaking to the speaking to a journalist, a resident of the area who preferred to be anonymous, said that the baby was dumped elsewhere, but rainfall pushed it down to the junction as the place is sloppy.

The man who was overwhelmed with emotion regretted the atrocities some women commit in this twenty-first Century, pointing out that it is a sign that the world is coming to an end as people have no regards for human lives anymore.

A woman who equally would not like her name mentioned, cautioned women against the killing of innocent souls, even as she pointed out that some women have no children today because of the heinous atrocities they committed during their youthful age.

Residents of Miracle Junction Ifite-Awka called on relevant authorities to come and dispose of the corpse of the dead girl before it decays.

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