Dance is the backbone of entertainment industry — Kaffy

Professionally known as Kaffy, Nigeria’s Dance Queen, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, has unveiled the first dance workshop in Nigeria, christened the ‘Dance Workshop and Conference’ (TDWC) with the theme, “Dance Is Serious Business 2.0,” which she said will try to correct bad impressions young people have about dance.

The Guinness Book of World Record holder, speaking during a briefing held in Lagos to launch the 2019 edition of her international dance workshop and conference (TDWC2019) as well as a newly-commissioned edifice, “The Kaffy Incorporated” stated that the aim of the conference was to make more people embrace the cultural contents of the dance industry into the mainstream.

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“Our entertainment industry is riding on the back of the dancing industry. Dance is its backbone. Yet, no one discusses dance in conferences, no one talks about dance as a mainstream industry.

“But Africa communicates with the body. We communicate with dance in this part of the country. Our industry has absorbed from that so much.

“Dance can be converted into a sustainable business. I know how sustainable dance can be because I have done it over the years,” Kaffy said.

Speaking further about the power of dance, she said dance could be used for celebration, war, empowerment and fun.

“Before man could move, he gesticulates. Dance can be used to celebrate and for war. If dance is that powerful, I can pop in a lot of people into it.

“Sometimes we have so much fun without knowing we have exhausted so much energy. Dance helps women gain more confidence. We can use dance to empower, heal and fun. If so, why are we still under the food chain,” she added.

The conference will feature Dance Business Trade Fair- Photography, production companies, content providers, dance schools, sportswear vendors, costume vendors, chiropractors, healthcare givers, insurance company, Art schools, cultural heritage preservers, food vendors and other related/complimentary businesses.

It will also feature Dance competition and Afroburlesque.

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