Current socio-economic situation’ll make Nigeria stronger —Prophet Omitade

The General Overseer of Holy Trinity Authority Prophetic Church, Prophet James Omitade, has charged other clerics and Nigerians not to relent in their prayers for the country, saying the current economic downturn in the country would make it stronger and more united.

Prophet Omitade told newsmen in Ado Ekiti,  Ekiti State, while announcing the ongoing Holy Trinity Authority Church’s annual Liberty Period, that Nigeria had always failed to look beyond its problems to plan, but only scrambled when the issues arise.

Omitade said: “The current economic situation will rather make us stronger and give us a better tomorrow. It is not going to break Nigeria. God says we shall remain one. The country would be rocked, but it won’t break.

“Nigerians’ agitations in the various regions should be seen as a catalyst for development. They are meant for us to learn how to think of solutions to our problems rather than the fear of problems which, so far, has remained our nature. So it’s a strength for the future.”

He said the “Liberty Period (prayer and fasting programme) that would continue till July 16th,” was a “special programme for all families and that the theme: “Hands of God,” was “a call for families from far and near to come and receive from God and experience true family reconciliation.”

The cleric, who had predicted the current schism in the top echelon of the ruling APC, also charged the country’s health officials to brace up for what he said would be “a health epidemic that would affect some African countries.”

Omitade said: “While all the faithful are urged to pray, health officials are urged to prepare for this airborne disease which would affect mostly children. Its symptoms would be itching, high temperature, nausea and vomiting and redness of the eyes. Nigeria and Zimbabwe and other African countries would be affected.”

He charged clerics not to relent in their prayers for Nigeria, saying “God has been at work in this country and would continue to hear the prayers of the saints as they cry to Him in righteousness.

“While some states in the North will see flood destroy their farmland, we urge some governors to pray because despite the four years prescribed by the constitution, their seats are not secure.”

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