Crown Flour, AMBCN collaborate to sensitise bakers on food safety

CROWN Flour Mills have partnered the Association of Masters Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria (AMBCN) to sensitise bakers on food safety management.

The sensitisation programme was conducted to ensure that bakers produce safe and wholesome bread for the Home Grown School Feeding Programme (HGSFP).

The bakers were sensitised on quality management, procedures of transportation of the bread to the schools and sanitary and hygiene practice when baking the bread by various experts in the country’s food and safety organisations.

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“We are partnering AMBCN to ensure that they meet the standard requirement of the school feeding program and that the quality of bread produced is safe for consumption for the children,” said Anurag Shukla, managing director and CEO, Crown Flour Mills during the sensitisation programme.

“We would continue to supply quality flour to bakers and work with them to ensure they produce safe and wholesome bread for the pupils of Lagos state schools,” Shukla said.

He noted that Crown Flour Mills have a monitoring team who will be monitoring the activities of the bakers to ensure adherence to standards.

He stated that the bakers present at the sensitisation will go back and train other bakers on what was learnt during the one day program.

Deputy director, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Sunday Onah, sensitised the bakers on processes and procedures of ensuring quality and standards.

Onah said having quality flour from Crown Flour is not enough to ensure food safety. He advised the bakers to adopt good sanitary and hygiene practice in producing the bread for the school children.

He urged bakers to ensure that consistency and compliance should be their focus in making bread for the children.

On behalf of Lagos state, Bunmi Oteju, director of State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Lagos appreciated Crown Flour and AMBCN for having the sensitisation program for bakers in the state.

She stated that the HGFSP will soon commence in the state and bread is one of the meals that would be served to pupils, while appealing to bakers to supply bread with quality and high nutrition to the schools.

Oteju noted that the immune system in children is not as high as that of adults; therefore, she urged them ensure consistently in the production of safe and wholesome bread for the pupils.

Also speaking during the program, Omotunde Raji, chairman, AMBCN Lagos said promised that bakers will adhere to standards in producing the bread that will be supply to schools across the state.

“We will meet the expectation of the Lagos state government by supply quality bread to schools. Bakers in the state will not let down the trust placed on them,” Raji who is also the brand ambassador for Mama Gold said.