‘Crazy’ things churches do in UK to attract youths

SOME cathedral churches in the United Kingdom are now doing the unusual to attract more members as attendance at services continues to reduce in many of the churches.

A chorister sliding from the helter skelter

For example, the Norwich Cathedral has decided to install a 55-foot helter skelter ride in its nave in order to allow the youths and other visitors a better view of its 69-foot high medieval roof.

Also, the Rochester Cathedral in Kent has installed a ‘golf course’ in its nave so that golf lovers and others who wish to enjoy some games of golf can wait after service to enjoy themselves.

Some clerics told the Daily Mail of UK that the idea came due to the fact that the youth population is on the decline in

The helter skelter during construction

churches, adding that they have high hope that the ‘crazy’ ideas would excite the youths and bring them to attend services.







Another view of the ‘golf course’











A ‘golf course’ inside Rochester Cathedral