COVID-19: We experienced less than 2 per cent fatality in Lagos despite humongous death prediction ― Sanwo-Olu

The Lagos State Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, has disclosed that the state experienced less than 2 per cent coronavirus-related death despite initial humongous death prediction at the peak of the virus.

The governor expressed gratitude to God for averting the prediction from coming to pass while commiserating with families who lost their loved ones to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Sanwo-Olu made this disclosure known during the 2nd session of the 34th Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Lagos at Our Saviour’s Church yesterday in Lagos.

Sanwo-Olu, therefore, lauded the frontline workers, cleaners and others who have contributed in making sure that lives were saved during the pandemic period.

“We experienced less than 2 per cent COVID-19 related fatality in Lagos despite the initial prediction than dead bodies would be picked on the floor in the country.

“We appreciate all our frontline workers, cleaners and everyone. COVID-19 has shown us the reality that we must continue to pray.

“The curve has started flattening and the numbers coming down. But, we are not out of it yet; hence, we have been advised to keep abiding by the protocol as stated by the health experts.

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“I sympathise with all the families who have lost a loved one during this period. This is a painful thing but we will continue to thanks the almighty God. There cannot be a better time for this Synod than now.

The Governor, who noted that he is just entering church after 6 months, emphasised on the need for growth in house of God and the understanding that it is what the Lord would use to make a judgement at the end of the day.

He also applauded the Missioner for the good works done and for sustaining the church till 101st year.

“We need to grow in the house of God. We need to grow as a people and our growth and belief will be what the Lord will use to challenge us at the end of the day.

“I want to give glory, honour and adoration to the almighty God, the giver of life. Today the very first day I am entering the house of the lord after 6 months.

“We give glory to God because we are not here to mourn anyone. He has kept all of us here till today and he deserves all our praise and worship.

“It is a day of honour and praise to Almighty God. Today marks the 101st year existence of the church. Since 1919 till now, I can say we are starting a new century. I acknowledge the great works the bishop has been doing” He stated.

Speaking also, The Diocesan Bishop of Lagos and Missioner, Dr Humphrey Bamisebi urged governments at all levels to collaboratively give attention to the private sector.

Bamisebi said that the small and medium scale traders are the major drivers of the economy.

“Let me use this medium to advocate that the government should give attention to the private sector of the economy.

“The small and medium scale businesses have been noted by experts to be the driver of the economic prosperity of any nation because the majority of the population belong to that category.

“The Federal, State and Local government authorities should collaborate to make sure that this critical sector of our nation’s economy receives the deserved attention,” Bamisebi said.

On the National unity, The Missioner stated that the diverse nature of Nigeria’s component index-multi-ethnic, cultural and religious differences, appeared to have become woes.

He, therefore, stated the need for Nigerians to embrace their differences in the treatment of one another until the differences don’t make a difference.


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