COVID-19: Nigeria recorded more cases, low deaths, recoveries last week

Nigeria’s new COVID-19  infection cases increased by 85  last week when compared with the previous week, Tribune Online reports.

A total of 1,053 new cases were reported last week (September 20 – 26), compared to the 968 cases recorded the previous week.

According to data sourced from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), 25,929 tests were conducted while 34,793 samples were tested the previous week which shows there is a reduction.

Last week marked the 39th week since the outbreak of the pandemic in February and so far Nigeria has tested 507,006 out of which 58,198 cases were confirmed positive and 1,106 deaths recorded while 49,722 have since recovered. Currently, there are only 7,353 active cases in Nigeria.

‘Nigerians are getting tired’

The Presidential Task Force (PTF) on the COVID-19 pandemic observed that Nigerians are getting tired of the virus and warned that this might be an opportunity for coronavirus to spread further.

The PTF expressed concerned about the current low testing the country is recording because Nigerians are not turning themselves in to get tested for COVID-19.

The National Coordinator of the task force, Dr Aliyu Sani, said: PTF remains seriously concerned about the current low testing rate we have in the country. Nigerians are not getting tested for COVID-19. But we must test to track in order to slow the spread of the virus even further and to stop any more preventable COVID-19 related deaths.

“People all over the world are experiencing COVID-19 fatigue. We are all tired. This has been going on for seven months now in the country and almost 10 months globally since December.”

Nigerians have been advised to get tested, stop wearing a face mask as chin masks, practice social distancing and gatherings, so as to avoid a second wave of the virus because an increase in cases may lead to additional restrictions, which will drag the country backwards.

Less deaths, recoveries

Tribune Online analysis showed that the COVID-19 death rate reduced last week. Last week, 12 persons died from COVID-19 complications, according to the data provided by the NCDC.

16 persons died from the virus previous week (September 13 – 19) while 24 deaths were recorded in the penultimate week (September 6 – 12).

Also, 1,175 people recovered and were discharged last week, this shows a reduction when compared to the 4,343 persons of the previous week.

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Last week’s cases

On Sunday, 97 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the country, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 57,242.

On Monday, 195 new cases of the pandemic were reported in the country, taking the total to 57,437.

On Tuesday, 176 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded, bringing the tally of confirmed cases to 57,613.

On Wednesday, 111 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the country.

On Thursday, 125 new cases were reported in Nigeria.

On Friday, 213 new cases of the pandemic were recorded.

On Saturday, 136 new cases were reported in Nigeria, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 58,198.

See the breakdown of the 58,198 cases below;

Lagos State which is the epicentre of the virus has recorded 19,174 cases, followed by FCT – 5,644, Plateau – 3,373, Oyo – 3,248, Edo – 2,620, Kaduna – 2,389, Rivers – 2,305, Delta – 1,801, Ogun – 1,796, Kano – 1,737, Ondo – 1,620, Enugu – 1,289, Ebonyi – 1,038, Kwara – 1,028, Abia – 881, Gombe – 864, Katsina – 848, Osun – 826, Borno – 741, Bauchi – 692, Imo – 566, Benue – 481, Nasarawa – 449, Bayelsa – 397, Jigawa – 325, Ekiti – 317, Akwa Ibom – 288, Niger – 259, Anambra – 237, Adamawa – 234, Sokoto – 162, Taraba – 95, Kebbi – 93, Cross River – 87, Zamfara – 78, Yobe – 75, Kogi – 5.

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