COVID-19: Nigeria discharged 1,096 last week, lowest figure in one month

Last week, Nigeria recorded a total of 1,096 recoveries, the figure which is the lowest the country has recorded in four weeks, Tribune Online reports.

A total of 3,105 persons recovered and were discharged from August 9 to 15. From August 16 to 22, Nigeria recorded a total of 2,477 recoveries and 2,547 recoveries between August 23 and August 29 while in the penultimate week (August 30 – September 5), the country recorded a total of 1,678 recoveries.

A total of 1,096 persons recovered from the virus and were discharged last week compared to the 1,678 persons discharged in the penultimate week which shows there is a reduction.

Fewer cases, deaths

Tribune Online reports that a total of 1,272 new infections were recorded in last week which marked the 37th week of the pandemic.

The 1,272 cases recorded show there is an increase of 93 cases compared to the 1,179 cases recorded in the previous week (August 30 – September 5).

Also, the 100 cases reported on Sunday, September 6 is the lowest daily figure of confirmed cases in the last four months.

Last week, 24 persons died of COVID-19 complications, a sharp decrease from the 43 deaths of the previous week.

Data from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) showed that 19,705 samples were tested last week while 20,031 samples were tested the previous week.

So far, Nigeria has tested 440,248 out of which 56,177 cases have been confirmed and 1,078 deaths recorded while 44,088 have since recovered. Currently, there are only 11,011 active cases in Nigeria.

Last week’s cases

On Sunday, 100 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the country, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 55,005.

On Monday, 155 new cases of the pandemic were reported in the country, taking the total to 55,160.

On Tuesday, 296 new cases of COVID-19 were recorded, bringing the tally of confirmed cases to 55,456.On Wednesday, 176 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in the country.

On Thursday, 197 new cases were reported in Nigeria.

On Friday, 188 new cases of the pandemic were recorded.

On Saturday, 160 new cases were reported in Nigeria, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 56,177.

See the breakdown of the 56,177 cases below;
Lagos State which is the epicentre of the virus has recorded 18,581 cases, followed by FCT – 5,444, Oyo – 3,219, Plateau – 3,097, Edo – 2,610, Kaduna – 2,262, Rivers – 2,205, Delta – 1,790, Ogun – 1,732, Kano – 1,728, Ondo – 1,583, Enugu – 1,223, Ebonyi – 1,034, Kwara – 992, Katsina – 837, , Abia – 828, Osun – 804, Gombe – 746, Borno – 741, Bauchi – 679, Imo – 546, Benue – 467, Nasarawa – 446, Bayelsa – 393, Jigawa – 322, , Ekiti – 300, Akwa Ibom – 283, Niger – 244, Adamawa – 230, Anambra – 226, Sokoto – 159, Taraba – 95, Kebbi – 93, Cross River – 83, Zamfara – 78, Yobe – 72, Kogi – 5.

Victory yet?

The Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 explained that the recent reduction in the cases does not mean the country has passed the peak of the pandemic and that the virus is still potent and very dangerous.

Nigerians are urged to keep wearing facemasks, stay away from crowded places, avoid mass gatherings, maintain simple hygienic practices and follow all the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.



The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed 160 new cases of COVID-19 in the country bringing the nation’s confirmed COVID-19 infection cases to 56,177…


Nigeria discharged 1096 last week

The spate of the deadly coronavirus pandemic surged from over three million cases in April to over twenty-six million cases in August. But while it is still increasing in some parts of the world, the infection rate, according to the figure released by authorities daily, is reducing in Nigeria…


Nigeria discharged 1096 last week

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