COVID-19: Issa Aremu calls on workers, Nigerians to heed govt preventive measures

THE Vice President Industrial Global Union, Issa Aremu, has called on workers and all Nigerians to heed the advice by the governments and public health authorities to observe all preventive measures, especially the stay at home directive, to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

He also stated that the battle to curtail the spread of the deadly pandemic should not be left to the government alone, and called the organised labour, civil societies and the organised private sector and other employers of labour to compliment the efforts of government.

Aremu said: “It’s time for all compatriots to heed the advice by the governor and public health authorities in general to observe preventive measures, stay home and stay alive. The point cannot be overstated that the cases are still increasing.

“This historic battle can’t be for governments alone. Organised labour, civil societies and organised businesses must compliment the efforts of governments to tame the spread.

“Employers must invest in particular on the protection of essential health workers on prevention awareness and control of the disease. The Federal Government must urgently revive the tripartite National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC) made up of workers, employers and government with proactive coordinated and strategic interventions to minimise the impact of the virus.”

He commended governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State for its encouraging full disclosure of his status as a Coronavirus case in Nigeria, adding that his honest and audacious disclosure was timely in removing ignorance among some citizens and a wakeup call for all Nigerians that the rampaging virus is real.


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