COVID-19 is real, it is dealing with me now ― Kingrudy

• I spent Christmas, New Year in isolation ― Ali Baba

Popular singer and former member of the Psquare group, Paul Okoye, has opened up about his current battle with coronavirus, saying the virus has made him sick for the past 10 days.

Paul who adopted Kingrudy after his split from his brother Peter Okoye described the sickness he has battled with in the last 10 days as the worst ever, warning those who keep saying the virus does not exist to take necessary precaution.

On his Instagram account, on Tuesday, Paul disclosed that while many people believe COVID-19 does not exist, he has had to deal with the sickness for some days now saying “Covid is real. I know as typical Nigerian and African it is very hard to believe it. Some will say experience is the best teacher, oh well the experience and teacher visited me and they have been dealing with me.”

He cautioned those who have turned deaf ears to the second wave of the virus to stop being ignorant but take necessary precautions and stay safe.

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“You all be careful out there. If you believe me if you like don’t believe me. You can as well wait for your own experience,” he said.

In what looked like a similar situation to Paul’s, popular comedian and speaker, Ali Baba, also confirmed on his Instagram handle how doctors battled to save his life when he contracted the virus.

He revealed how he spent his Christmas and New Year celebrations in isolation.

Recalling his COVID-19 ordeal, Ali Baba said he was in room 4 at the isolation centre for days as he battled the virus as he prayed to live.

The frontline comedian said he saw people die while he was in isolation, adding that” I saw several people die while I was there. Some of my close friends knew and they were very supportive.”

He thanked the Lagos State governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo Olu, and other health workers in Lagos who risked their lives daily to keep others safe.


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