Court dissolves 10-year marriage over threat to life

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan, on Monday dissolved a 10-year marriage between Kamardeen Babatunde and his wife, Iyabo, over threat to life and stealing.

The Court’s President, Chief Ademola Odunade, in his judgment, held that since there was no more love lost between the couple, dissolution of the marriage remained the only available option left for the court.

He, however, awarded custody of the only child of the marriage to Babatunde and advised them to maintain peace wherever they came across each other.

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Earlier, Babatunde had filed for divorce, saying he was no longer interested in continuing with the marriage.

He alleged that his wife was looking for every available opportunity to kill him.

Babatunde had tendered before the court, the knife with which his wife allegedly wanted to stab him with before he overpowered her.

“My 10 years of marriage to Iyabo has been miserable due to countless troubles and lack of rest of mind I have suffered in the relationship.

“If she is not fighting with me over minor issues, Iyabo would be threatening to inflict injuries on me.

“At the climax of the crisis, Iyabo woke me up recently in the night and showed me a knife that she was ready to stab me to death for not allowing her to have her ways in the house.

“However, I stylishly averted the tragedy by calming her down and collecting the knife from her,’’ he said.

According to him, she also put poison in the drinking water at home but there was no casualty because no one took the water.

“Iyabo regularly steals my money from the safe in the living room,” Babatunde said.

The defendant, who did not contest the application for dissolution of their marriage, however, denied Babatunde’s allegations.

Iyabo, a Fashion Designer, told the court that her husband was a drunk “and misbehaves anytime he is under the influence of alcohol’’.

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