Coronavirus: Ondo govt opens Emergency Medical Response

Following the reported and confirmed case of coronavirus in Lagos State, the Ondo State Commissioner of Health, Dr Wahab Adegbenro, on Saturday said the state’s emergency medical response team has been activated.

Adegbenro who disclosed this said the measure became imperative to in order to sensitise the people of the state on the need to avoid the looming danger.

He said “with the confirmation of a case in Lagos a few hours away. it shows that the disease is here with us. It has become imperative for all stakeholders to join hands to prevent its outbreak in the state.

“We activated our emergency Medical Center yesterday responding to an emergency situation and we have embarked on sensitisation because what we know, for now, there is no cure for this infection.

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“The government has directed all the information officers to go out and disseminating information about how to prevent this disease.

“It has become imperative to sensitize the public on thus looming danger, which is threatening the entire human existence.

“We are appealing to the people of the state to give priority to hygiene and should avoid staying Inna crowd because this infection is airborne. We are doing our best to ensure the virus is not getting to our state,”

He said state government swung into action, by calling an emergency multi-sectoral stakeholders meeting of the State Epidemic Preparedness and Response Committee to quickly map outline of actions to prevent the outbreak in the state.

“We appeal to residents not to panic but to take certain actions which could help in the situation and they include:

“Maintaining hygienic environmental and health-enhancing practices such as constant hand washing. Refraining from being in crowded gatherings, reporting any case of fever and flu to the nearest hospital and avoid self-medication.

Adegbenro reiterated that the health and welfare of the people of the state has will always be given priority.

However, residents of the state who spoke with Tribune Online acknowledged the existence of the disease but said nothing had been put in place to guard against the spread of the virus.

A resident, Mrs Taiwo Aderenle, said the news of the disease in Lagos sent fears into my spine because I know our government will not be active in controlling the virus.

“We pray for the government to take action to prevent the disease in Ondo. They have been educating and sensitising the people of the state on radio and television but they still need to be very active.”

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