Content creation key to your music career, 69Entertainment tells music artistes

69Entertainment, a digital agency that focuses on musical promotions, digital marketing, event promotions and management among others has reminded music artistes about the importance of content creation to music projects.

It noted that in an inmdustry saturated with so much noise, where everyone is trying hard to shout louder than the other person, it increasingly becomes hard to stand out and get your sound to your audience.

According to a post on its Instagram handle, @69entertainmentofficial:”Dear artistes, content creation is very important in your music projects. This is a wake up call every artiste should take seriuosly.

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“The world is ever-changing, thanks to technology and especially the internet and how it is affecting every part of life. The digital space is continually challenging traditional marketing strategies.

“While most artistes still believe in the traditional push marketing strategy, that is, creating music and using huge amounts of money to push it to the face of their target audience, which is a tedious and cost-consuming strategy, the internet allows artistes to authentically promote their music and grow a powerful fanbase in a cost-effective manner. And the internet thrives on content creation.”

69Entertainment, further posited that:”Content creation and content marketing allows artistes to use valuable and interesting content to draw their audience in. It draws fans in, makes them interested and emotionally invested in whatever the artiste has.

“For a lot of artistes, the promotion cycle looks more like this: release a project, pump funds into its promotion, go mute work on the next project. But with content marketing, artistes start sharing before anything is ready.

They let fans in on the project-creation process with blog posts, Instagram stories, and vlogs. Fans are enticed through Facebook Live sessions or even allowed to have an opinion on album designs.

“As 69Entertainment opines, this accomplishes trust and relationship between artistes and fans, and also allows the music project to be more accepted. Fans are much more excited about buying an album if they have seen the process and the stories that went into the songs. The pro-tip here is to know the audience and know the goals before embarking on content creation. This also helps artistes with longevity in the industry.

“So, dear artistes, instead of pushing your music out in front of people, you need to pull them in with enticing and interesting content. Make them want to hear from you.”


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