Commuters, motorists groan as Oju-Ore road, Ota collapses in Ogun

Commuters and motorists have continued to groan over the dilapidated Sango-Oju-Ore section of the Idiroko express road that leads to the commercial nerve centre of Ogun-State, Agbara Industrial Estate.

The road which also leads to the Idiroko border has been dilapidated for the past few years and has become a nightmare for industries, motorists and people living in that area as they spend hours accessing their various offices, homes and industries.

Commuters also lamented that the road is always a nightmare anytime it rains as it collapses completely, giving room for impunity by road users as drivers ply one way to avoid big craters and potholes on the bad sections of the Idiroko road.

Speaking to the Tribune Online, a resident, Ramon Olanrewaju said it is always a nightmare anytime it rains saying he spends hours navigating the Oju-Ore roundabout due to traffic gridlock.

According to Mr Olanrewaju, “The Ogun State government should come to the rescue of residents and motorists on the axis as precious man-hours are always wasted in the traffic daily.

“The Sango-Oju-ore road is a nightmare to everyone in that axis. The road has collapsed to the extent that commuters spend hours before getting to their respective offices and homes on daily basis.

“What is needed on that route is a flyover bridge across Oju-Ore roundabout. However, if that can’t be done now, let the government rehabilitate the road and mount traffic lights to control the traffic.”

Also, he said the bad state of the road has led to commercial bus drivers and motorcyclists (also known as Okada riders), plying one-way most times and increasing the spate of accidents on the road.

“Last week Friday, an Okada rider was crushed to death by an oncoming truck at a U-turn after Oju-Ore roundabout.

“The okada rider plied one-way due to the bad state of the road along the GTBank section of Idiroko road He died instantly before help could come his way,” Mr Olanrewaju added.

Also speaking, a commercial bus operator, Sulaiman Abiodun, said accessing Sango-Oju-ore is always a tough order as the road has collapsed and needs urgent rehabilitation.

“The road is affecting our Businesses. Our vehicles are breaking down on a daily basis. Even though we have jerked up transport fares to cover for hours wasted on the road, it doesn’t cover for the repairs of our vehicles. We need the government to come to our aid before our source of livelihood is completely destroyed,” Mr Abiodun lamented.



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