Community policing and major causes of insecurity

Northern elders and the elite sit down and look while major insecurity emanates from the North For example, Maitasine, Boko Haram, Shiites and Fulani herdsmen now use sophisticated weapons instead of sticks that they are known for.

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When I was young, I used to climb their young cows, falling down several times, climbing again and we played and ate together. But at 82 years, I am now weeping for what I am witnessing: illiteracy, dishonest leadership, corruption, looting of both public/private monies and properties unrepentantly, lack of peace, lack of unity and lack of agape love.

The solutions to this include free/compulsory education throughout Nigeria to at least secondary school level and godly solutions of other identified problems.


Evangelist Awobamise,


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