Commend us if we do good, tell us if we do anything contrary, Bello charges journalists

The Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello has admonished practicing journalists in the state to always tell him if he is doing good or anything to the contrary.

Bello made the statement on Thursday when members of Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) led by the state chairman, Comrade Momoh-Jimoh Adeiza paid him a condolence visit over the demise of his mother, Hajia Hawawu Bello, at Government House Lokoja.

Bello told the journalists to tell him if he was doing good so that he could do more, and also it is doing anything to the contrary so that he could make corrections.

His words, “whatever you see me exhibiting that is good, it is exactly what my mother taught me to do. If I do anything contrary, I must have learned it from society or politicians.

“I will continue to live with the fear of the almighty God to discharge my duties and responsibilities with the fear of God Almighty Allah to the good people of Kogi State and beyond.

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“I sincerely appreciate you please continue to partner with us to ensure that our state is great. Say exactly what is happening, say exactly what you see and whip us on the line when you see that we are deviating from the line because that is exactly what my mother used to do you can equally play the role of a mother to me.

“Our journalists you are the one that should watch our back for us that is why you are referred to as the Fourth estate of the realm

“I will continue to do that to the best of my ability and the cooperation of law enforcement agencies, you the journalists and all our prayerful and wonderful people of Kogi state.

“I sincerely appreciate you. I lack words to express how appreciative we are. My mother Hajia Hawau Bello lived a virtuous life. She came to this world in a very wonderful and extraordinary miraculous way going by history that I was told.

“She lived greatly very humble but very greatly is safety in our community then whenever there was this put on any issue that required mediation however tough or hard it might be when my mother is called upon and she goes in there there is a solution.

”Everybody regarded and referred to her as a solution provider whenever there was any dispute and they so much accorded her respect and love for that.

“She brought us up in a very virtuous way, she taught us how to be contented with the little or the much we have, she taught us how to be patient and prayerful.

”She taught us how to respect elders because she gave birth to me in a miraculous way because the gap between myself and my next sister is over 10 years nobody would ever imagine that she would have me any longer.

“I grew up under her so she taught me how to respect others, she taught me to be focused, she taught me to be brave to confront the challenges of this world.

”She taught me how to be successful in whatever I am doing and she admonished me and encourage me to live in the fear of the almighty God and to touch all lives.

“She taught me and ask me to continue to secure the lives and properties of the good people of Kogi state and she asks me to ensure that what she suffered in the hands of the kidnappers in 2012 where she was kept inside the cave for 93 days.

“She said no one should ever suffer what she suffered. That is why aside what is enshrined in the constitution or laws, good protect lives and properties, provide welfare for the people.

”I’m always encouraged by the words of my mother to ensure that Kogi state is safe and secured and I will continue to do that. My mother lived gloriously and she departed gloriously.

”How much more glory should I have asked from God, what more should I ask from God that a pious woman a virtuous woman of this nation living up to this age and having her last born having to rise to the highest position as far as Kogi state is concerned and passing away in a very peaceful manner,” the governor said.


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