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We are back to Abraham Adesanya

Chief Abraham Adesanya was diligently accused by Sani Abacha of shooting himself on the streets of Lagos on January 14, ...
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How to greet the future – 2

Busy has never been synonymous with productive even though many people can hardly tell the difference. How do you eat ...
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How organised are you? (4)

Last week Monday, I did say that there is one more very significant step that provides the bridge between defining ...
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The failing judicial system (2)

FUTILITY OF SPECIAL COURTS Special courts! That is the new refrain in town, for solving all the problems of the ...
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Youths lament exclusion from Buhari’s ministerial list

YOUTHS under the aegis of Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth & Advancement (YIAGA) on Tuesday, lamented their exclusion from President, ...
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Naira Marley as template of a failed nation

I accept friend requests of people younger than I am after taking a trip to their walls on Facebook. If ...
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Buhari’s plan for Sowore, social media bill, and Aisha Buhari’s hypocrisy

Minutes before I started writing this column, I watched disturbing videos showing officers of Nigeria’s DSS physically assaulting Omoyele Sowore ...
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Beyond Fayose: The future of Ekiti

I spent the better part of last Tuesday, October 16, focusing on developments in Ekiti State. It was the day ...
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Taking stock

WE are already in December. A new decade, the twenties, beckons. As this year draws to a close it is ...
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Beware, the Spirit of Unoka

A fortnight agoPresident Buhari submitted a request to the Senate to approve an external loan of US$29.96 billion (N10.7 trillion) ...
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What is wrong with Amaechi?

There was a year the Faculty of Health Sciences in Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile Ife recorded an unusual mass ...
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Pornography and sexual crimes

(CONTINUED FROM LAST WEEK) While it has been proved that pornography is a manual for potential abusers, it has also ...
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Buhari’s fate

Sample 1: “In a press statement, the group described their mission as a means to spread the faith of Buhari’s ...
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Yemisi mother

Re: Where is my Mummy?

Kemi, your case is very simple. All you need do is to send your mum’s details if you have any  ...
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Yemisi mother

Re: I want to end it all!

Olufunso,I will advise you to approach the Pastoral team for a job and a house. Also, you can either file ...
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Yemisi mother

What is the implication of long abstinence from s*x?

Dear Yemisi, Please, what happens to a man without s*x over years? I equally want to know the remedy for ...
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Clipping the wings of Alapere canal

Akure is the Ondo State capital. The panegyric of the people runs thus: Akure l’omi meji/O p’ejeji l’Ala/ Ala se ...
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Border closure: Government deserves support of Nigerians (1)
IN August 2019, Nigeria announced and enforced the closure of its border with the Republic of Benin. The operation under ...
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The blessings of courage

Full text of Chief Obafemi Awolowo’s speech to Oyo State House of Assembly in Ibadan on Wednesday, 16th January, 1980 ...
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Purpose, goals and process (II)

Last time we began looking at the need for us not to be careless with our lives but to live ...
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Death the leveller

Life begets death. The day a person is born, the race to death tees off. For some, it is a ...
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How state-owned airports have become wasteful ventures

WITHOUT doubt, airports are vital to the communities they serve as they not only provide a quick and safe mode ...
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Missioners to Muslims: Be good ambassadors of Islam

NIGERIAN Muslims have been urged to be good ambassadors of Islam if indeed they want to be seen and respected ...
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Sowore and allegory of a rat that saw tomorrow

Many commentators on the attempted abduction of rights activist, Omoyele Sowore, right inside a courtroom of the Federal High Court, ...
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Let’s crash this culture

A sister just left our parish and RCCG completely. She is a spiritual mother of sort. Her sudden absence at ...
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Being Daddy

“Fatherhood with Ibe” was my hot favourite in the rested Hints magazine and it took a while to know the ...
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Industrialist canvasses for low cost of building materials

THE need to facilitates a conducive environment where ease of doing business would be enhanced has been canvassed by industrialist, ...
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Wale Adebanwi on Mama HID (63)

WHILE her children and grandchildren were meeting in Efunyela Hall, someone suggested that H.I.D should go to Efunyela Hall to ...
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Dayo Abatan at 79

ON May 15, Chief Dayo Abatan will turn 79. Dayo is one of my very close friends. We are also ...
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Wale Adebanwi on Mama HID (62)

PUNCTUALITY, THE “DISEASE” OF THE conscientious, was still “tormenting” HID at 99. Almost nine decades of “setting forth at dawn” ...
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Kwame Nkrumah: 46 years after

ON this day, 46 years ago, the torch-bearer of African revolution, Kwame Nkrumah, died in Bucharest, Romania. He was said ...
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Wale Adebanwi on Mama HID (61)

WHILE all the adherents of the Awolowo were feuding, the dominant conservative coalition which had ruled Nigeria in one guise ...
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The accented sacrifice and other distractions

Globally, it is the stock in trade of administrations to find the right bones to throw at the mob to ...
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DRUM DIALOGUES: Master Drummer and The Accompaniments

DRUM DIALOGUES: Master Drummer and The Accompaniments

Drum dialogue occurs between the lead drummer and the other drummers in the ensemble, and also, between lead drummer and ...
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