Obasanjo ship of fools, Tonto Dike, kidnap, rivers Pius Adesanmi, elections, body bags

June 12 and an imperial presidency

“The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, ...
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‘Gbe body e’: The Action imperative

Every day in the jungle, a gazelle wakes up knowing that it must outrun the fastest lion if it is ...
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What Delilah-competitors are actually looking for

At a meeting, a few days ago, I spoke on this profound topic to some hundreds of business executives—who gathered ...
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criminal justice law, Zamfara

Zamfara and the price of impunity

ON Friday, May 24, 2019, the Supreme Court put a final death kernel on the fate of the All Progressives ...
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Group calls on Sanwo-Olu to convene youth forum in Lagos

A youth group in Lagos State has called on the incoming Lagos Governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, to convene a youth ...
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Naira Marley, language, smart ladies, election, Justice, cook your own way, Entitlement Identity, marriage

Naira Marley as template of a failed nation

I accept friend requests of people younger than I am after taking a trip to their walls on Facebook. If ...
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Buhari, Fulanisation

A slavish parliament and the road to Buhari’s life presidency

ON June 11, 2019, Nigeria inaugurated what promises to be the most servile and least independent National Assembly in Nigeria’s ...
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Beyond Fayose: The future of Ekiti

I spent the better part of last Tuesday, October 16, focusing on developments in Ekiti State. It was the day ...
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Financing holidays

Leisure is a vital part of life. It is essential to take time off work and away from familiar environments ...
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democracy, evil, love, Adesanmi genocide

Are you going to sit back and watch our country die?

IT sounds hackneyed to say that we in Nigeria face extraordinary challenges. We may not be quite a failed state; ...
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Oddities nigeria Atiku, Jonathan , bullion van, Nigeria, election sagay, democracy, Miyetti Allah

Will NASS become a state assembly?

A good friend of mine who is an encyclopaedia on Nigerian politics told me a pathetic story a few days ...
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women's course, fighting, readers

Wealth, property, concord

SAMPLE 1: “Following apparent lack of diligence on the part of IPOs at FESTAC Police Station and Gender Unit to ...
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Yemisi mother

Re: Where is my Mummy?

Kemi, your case is very simple. All you need do is to send your mum’s details if you have any  ...
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Yemisi mother

Re: I want to end it all!

Olufunso,I will advise you to approach the Pastoral team for a job and a house. Also, you can either file ...
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Yemisi mother

What is the implication of long abstinence from s*x?

Dear Yemisi, Please, what happens to a man without s*x over years? I equally want to know the remedy for ...
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JAMB Husband, adeleke NASS efcc Oyetola

Eventually, Fayemi wins the argument…

There must be an end to litigation. So, an end came to litigation arising from the July 14, 2018 Ekiti ...
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Constitutionality of dragging the army into electoral process: Caution (Yusuf V Obasanjo)
THE 2019 presidential elections are a few days away and aside from the ongoing campaign of the candidates, one aspect ...
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banks, National goal economic

The causes of our national maladies are essentially economic

CONTINUED FROM LAST WEEK THE thirty-months’ Civil war which has just ended had witnessed and produced many tragedies, including unproductive ...
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Leadership life time waster adversity setbacks

The power of reading books (I)

Life is dynamic – things are changing fast and knowledge is being added to life to at an alarming rate ...
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poverty, education, governors, Ngige, rich, will of God

Nigerians wake up; God is not your government

In the most un-presidential response to a national challenge, President Muhammadu Buhari, while visiting Plateau State in June 2018, to ...
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suntail, drug barons, fire lagos airport, Nigerian airlines, NAMM, MMA2, decongest Lagos airport, aviation sector

How aviation agencies ignore information sharing

Each time one reads that award winning literature book, One week, one trouble by Anezi Okoro and in applying it ...
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What is there after Ramadan?

Yesterday, we were waiting for Ramadan. However, today, we have said goodbye to it, as if this month were moments ...
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oshiomhole, Ngige, coup yoruba Nigeria

Seyi Makinde’s cancellation of N3000 school fees

Did Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State realise that, in his first official pronouncement on May 29, 2019 stopping the ...
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oshiomhole election, choices, anti-corruption war

As I take a bow…

ON Thursday, June 6, I clocked 16 years of active service both as an insider and observer at the chambers ...
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Air Peace, Ambode, Kogi, Ijesaland , Onnoghen chinese media

Na who teach Ambode for sense (2)

Last week, Dr. Doyin Okupe, unstable PDP stalwart, went prophetic on Ambode who he said was not a friend because ...
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Industrialist canvasses for low cost of building materials

THE need to facilitates a conducive environment where ease of doing business would be enhanced has been canvassed by industrialist, ...
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Wale Adebanwi on Mama HID (63)

WHILE her children and grandchildren were meeting in Efunyela Hall, someone suggested that H.I.D should go to Efunyela Hall to ...
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Dayo Abatan at 79

ON May 15, Chief Dayo Abatan will turn 79. Dayo is one of my very close friends. We are also ...
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Wale Adebanwi on Mama HID (62)

PUNCTUALITY, THE “DISEASE” OF THE conscientious, was still “tormenting” HID at 99. Almost nine decades of “setting forth at dawn” ...
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Kwame Nkrumah: 46 years after

ON this day, 46 years ago, the torch-bearer of African revolution, Kwame Nkrumah, died in Bucharest, Romania. He was said ...
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Wale Adebanwi on Mama HID (61)

WHILE all the adherents of the Awolowo were feuding, the dominant conservative coalition which had ruled Nigeria in one guise ...
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The accented sacrifice and other distractions

Globally, it is the stock in trade of administrations to find the right bones to throw at the mob to ...
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DRUM DIALOGUES: Master Drummer and The Accompaniments

DRUM DIALOGUES: Master Drummer and The Accompaniments

Drum dialogue occurs between the lead drummer and the other drummers in the ensemble, and also, between lead drummer and ...
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