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For Aisha and her in-laws

Your office is not recognised by law. Funds not approved.” A former Aso Rock official told me last week that ...
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The first law…

True success has little to do with material increase. Very often, we mistake an improvement in our material worth for ...
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Some unavoidable things to do as 2019 is gradually ending

To start with, my latest book (FAITH AND WEALTH) came out of the press on the 18th of October, 2019 ...
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Press freedom in the new social media age (1)

The topic for this discourse could not have come at a better time, when the voices of dissent are perceived ...
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Youths lament exclusion from Buhari’s ministerial list

YOUTHS under the aegis of Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth & Advancement (YIAGA) on Tuesday, lamented their exclusion from President, ...
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Naira Marley as template of a failed nation

I accept friend requests of people younger than I am after taking a trip to their walls on Facebook. If ...
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Why Buhari’s House of Commotion and Mamman Daura’s “Glass House” matter

A few days before it became grist for Nigeria’s overactive social media rumour mills, a retired general and contemporary of ...
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Beyond Fayose: The future of Ekiti

I spent the better part of last Tuesday, October 16, focusing on developments in Ekiti State. It was the day ...
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Financial discipline

Discipline is adherence to a code of behavior and set of rules. Financial discipline is therefore the adherence to the ...
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Leadership and moral conscience

The art of leadership is difficult enough in normal times. In an age of upheavals, the complexities are infinitely more ...
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Gbese: Between Buhari and Shagari

Gbese (debt) is not a thing to be proud of in my neck of the wood. An onigbese (debtor) does ...
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Why we should break culture of silence on abuses

For a while, the issues of violence against women in all forms have been receiving global attention; in 1979, the ...
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Of sour and sore

SAMPLE 1: “The figure, according to sources close to both parties, has been the sour point and could have led ...
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Yemisi mother

Re: Where is my Mummy?

Kemi, your case is very simple. All you need do is to send your mum’s details if you have any  ...
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Yemisi mother

Re: I want to end it all!

Olufunso,I will advise you to approach the Pastoral team for a job and a house. Also, you can either file ...
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Yemisi mother

What is the implication of long abstinence from s*x?

Dear Yemisi, Please, what happens to a man without s*x over years? I equally want to know the remedy for ...
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As Lagosians rage: Sanwo-Olu, how now?

Lagosians are in a rage and going by the saying of Metternich above, what do you think should be happening ...
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Poverty and the Nigerian attitude to giving (1)
AS Nigeria celebrates yet another anniversary of her independence from Colonialism, it is necessary to continually examine aspects of our ...
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On the supremacy of the party over its members

THE questions now are: On what forum do the Legislature and the Executive conduct their debate with a view to ...
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Making the most of mistakes (I)

One thing many people want to avoid is mistakes. Most of us want to avoid failing or dabbling into error ...
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What motivates Nigerian politicians?

WHAT inspires the average Nigerian politician? What exactly drives him to seek power? Is it ambition, sense of entitlement, avarice, ...
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Rivers State/Ethiopian Airlines partnership and matters arising

As usual, the country’s aviation sector has again been enmeshed in another controversy that is being used by stakeholders to ...
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Islamic worldview

Why all Muslims should know the Islamic worldview (II)

The issue of embracing and living the Islamic worldview that deifies Almighty Allah alone, and forsaking the faulty ones that ...
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A postmortem on Dele Giwa’s mangled body

SINCE that dark Sunday morning on October 19, 1986 when renowned journalist, Dele Giwa, was parcel-bombed by a God-knows-who, Nigerian ...
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Let’s crash this culture

A sister just left our parish and RCCG completely. She is a spiritual mother of sort. Her sudden absence at ...
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Poverty in the land: Let’s review our strategy

Last Thursday, the world marked the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty with different countries highlighting their achievements in ...
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Industrialist canvasses for low cost of building materials

THE need to facilitates a conducive environment where ease of doing business would be enhanced has been canvassed by industrialist, ...
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Wale Adebanwi on Mama HID (63)

WHILE her children and grandchildren were meeting in Efunyela Hall, someone suggested that H.I.D should go to Efunyela Hall to ...
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Dayo Abatan at 79

ON May 15, Chief Dayo Abatan will turn 79. Dayo is one of my very close friends. We are also ...
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Wale Adebanwi on Mama HID (62)

PUNCTUALITY, THE “DISEASE” OF THE conscientious, was still “tormenting” HID at 99. Almost nine decades of “setting forth at dawn” ...
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Kwame Nkrumah: 46 years after

ON this day, 46 years ago, the torch-bearer of African revolution, Kwame Nkrumah, died in Bucharest, Romania. He was said ...
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Wale Adebanwi on Mama HID (61)

WHILE all the adherents of the Awolowo were feuding, the dominant conservative coalition which had ruled Nigeria in one guise ...
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The accented sacrifice and other distractions

Globally, it is the stock in trade of administrations to find the right bones to throw at the mob to ...
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DRUM DIALOGUES: Master Drummer and The Accompaniments

DRUM DIALOGUES: Master Drummer and The Accompaniments

Drum dialogue occurs between the lead drummer and the other drummers in the ensemble, and also, between lead drummer and ...
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