CoinCola Announces Welcome Bonus Up To $100 for New Users in Africa

CoinCola is running a promotion for both old and new users that are residents in African countries like (Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, etc). This is a welcome bonus that can help new users earn up to $100

CoinCola is here to also announce the upgrade of their referral commissions for traders. This means you can now earn extra cash as well as an extra cryptocurrency with this program.

By referring a friend, you can earn commissions on P2P/OTC trading,exchange, and margin trading. Thus, after your friend or referral registers within the campaign period/date provided above, you can earn 100% of the trading commission of your friend’s trade in the first month and also 40% of your friend’s trade commission for the rest of the months (Lifetime commission).

This is a promotion that’s from 8th November 2021 to 7th January 2022.

What is CoinCola?

CoinCola is a P2P company based in Singapore and established in 2016. Their main aim is to serve African users (Peer to Peer) willing to involve in trading and buying Gift cards and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etheruem, etc.

On CoinCola, you can sell all sorts of Gift cards for bitcoin and also sell your bitcoin for cash. Not only that, but you can also buy or exchange your bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, and a few others.

This promotion is for residents in all Africa countries, Just like other platforms on CoinCola, you can buy or sell with Ghana cedi (GHS), Nigerian Naira (NGN), South Africa Rand’s (ZAR), and many other currencies.

Introduction To Amazing Promotion.

This amazing campaign starts from 8th November 2021 to 7th January 2022.

  1. BONUS LIST (New Users)

1) Registration rewards: new users who sign up, can get 5 Coupons which is up to $100 Bitcoin.

Creating a CoinCola account is simple and can be done within a few minutes without any assistance. The amazing thing about CoinCola is, you can create an account with either one;

  1. Valid Email address
  2. Valid Phone number.

Click here to get $100 Bitcoin (Coupons) 

Embed link:

2) Trade rewards: complete one trade, get 0.00003 BTC (About 2 dollars)

Complete three trades, get 0.00004 BTC

Total amount Trading volume up to 0.03 BTC,  get 0.0003 BTC

Total amount Trading volume up to 0.2 BTC, get 0.0008 BTC

Total amount Trading volume up to 0.3 BTC, get 0.0015 BTC

Nb: The more you trade the more you increase your earnings, this means once you involve in trade and complete it successfully you will also be earning well. Whether you buy or sell you are assured to be commissioned as provided above.

What are you waiting for?….. Buy Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin with any little amount also earn get these amazing bonuses…

Visit CoinCola Official Website

  1. REFFERAL BONUS (Old Users Only)

1) After your friend or referral register’s within the campaign period, you can earn 100% of the trading commission of your friend in the first month, and 40% of the trading commission of your friend in the following months of your lifetime.

2) Just as said earlier, this promotion is not for only new members but old members as well. What this means is, if you refer a  friend, you will be given 100% commission instead of 40% and this is valid within the campaign period.

You may ask, So after the campaign, I’m not going to earn anything referring right?…… No, you are still going to earn a 40% commission from trades by your referral. This is the time it is recurring. (Meaning you are going to be commissioned automatically anytime they complete a trade forever)

You can now share your referral link with your friends and families on social media platforms and start earning some amazing huge commission within the period of this campaign and even after

The Referal Program for Old Users

Guide For Beginners On CoinCola

CoinCola can be used on smartphones and on the web as well. Meaning you can access CoinCola on a mobile App thus, on Google Play Store for Androids and on Apple App Store for iPhones.

“Search CoinCola on Playstore or on Apple Store to Download CoinCola Official App”

For individuals willing to access CoinCola with a P.C either Laptop or Computer can also use CoinCola’s official website.

Are you a new user and want to take advantage of this amazing campaign? Bellow is the guide that is going to help trade and sell your gift cards and bitcoin for cash on CoinCola.

How to buy bitcoin on CoinCola with cash

Follow the guide below to sell your bitcoin of CoinCola for cash through

  1. Navigate to the OTC page and select the country of  “Nigeria or….”, click “buy”
  2. Find a vendor to trade with:

Always remember to select a vendor with a cool deal. Always try to check their number of trades and other stuff just to know their past activities. (Only if you are interested)

  1. After finding the vendor you are willing to trade with, you then click on his/her offer to start trade:

Type in the amount of bitcoin you are willing to sell and start trade. Make sure the vendor is online. If he/she is online go ahead and tell him to drop his account detail in the chatbox. After receiving your cash, he/she will release the bitcoin to your CoinCola wallet.

  1. After you receive bitcoin, drop feedback on how the trade went if you can.

Are you interested in this Amazing Campaign? Join to earn more!

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