CNN sues Trump over Jim Acosta suspension

Jim Acosta
Jim Acosta

CNN has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration after the White House suspended the credentials of one of its senior journalists.

Its chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta, had his press “hard pass” revoked last week hours after he got into a testy exchange with Mr Trump.

The network alleges this violates its and Acosta’s constitutional rights.

The lawsuit, filed in Washington DC on Tuesday, names the president and other senior aides as defendants.

Among those named are Chief of Staff John Kelly and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, who cited unacceptable conduct for the revocation of Acosta’s pass.

In a Twitter thread after the incident, Ms Sanders accused Acosta of “placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job” – referring to a White House intern who had tried to get the microphone away from him during a news conference.

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Acosta strongly denied any wrongdoing, label the White House’s accusation “a lie”.

In the aftermath, the White House Correspondents’ Association, which represents the press corps at the presidential residence, urged the administration to reverse the decision.

“We have asked this court for an immediate restraining order requiring the pass be returned to Jim, and will seek permanent relief as part of this process,” CNN said in a statement.

“While the suit is specific to CNN and Acosta, this could have happened to anyone. If left unchallenged, the actions of the White House would create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalist who covers our elected officials.”

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