Chinese agency partners 1860 Travels on package group visa

AN international travel agency, Bravo International Tour Service has partnered with 1860 Travels to boost cultural ties between China and Nigeria through its new brand, Tours2China.

The Chief Executive Officer, Bravo International Tour Service, Daniel Yang who made this known to newsmen recently in Lagos said the new brand will promote more culture and tourism in China, giving Nigerians easy access to China visa.

“The new brand offers a group of five Nigerians who are willing to travel together an easy opportunity to get group visa, which affords them the opportunity to do business and tour various cities in China at the same time.

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“We have written letters for almost one year to see the possibility of bringing Nigerian people into China and finally in June 2019, we got a confirmation to bring groups of five people to go to China using a group visa.

Yang explained that the travellers will enjoy three different packages in China, which include to shop at cheaper rates, trade, travel to cities and do several other things.

“The mutual exclusivity of the visa is that the Chinese embassy will only give the visa to not less than a group of five people and if one person in the group decides not to go, the whole group will not be allowed to travel.

David emphasised that the abuse of the opportunity by eloping in China will risk clampdown by the Chinese government.

In his remarks, the Managing Director, 1860 Travels Ltd, Mr Olusina Daodu, states that stringent measures are in place to ease flow of the product, thereby avoid its abuse.

“The product is a group travel to China. Bravo International Tour Limited is the only exclusive company that has been given the right to offer to Nigerians this group travel, which comes with the group visa.

“Before now, what we were used to in this market was business travel, but the times are changing with the introduction of this package into the Nigerian market.

“Nigerians will now be able to travel with group tourist visa. If you want to go on leisure, it affords you the opportunity and if you also want to do a little bit of business, it also affords you the opportunity.”

“That is why the packages put together are structured in a way that it allows you do your business and also have some leisure time while you are there.

“We are still import dependent, so this is able to open up opportunity for entrepreneurs and those interested in travelling to China to be able to enjoy the benefits that this product has to offer.

“Some Nigerians have enjoyed the new products already and the visa was quite easy,” Daodu said.