Celebrating The Three August giants in Nigerian football

Celebrating The Three August giants in Nigerian football

Nigerian football has seen some of the most experienced and accomplished players have amazing careers. The Super Eagles are one of the most formidable teams in Africa. They take pride in having recently taken part in the 2019 AFCON tournament and the World Cup held in Russia. It’s why you have more people betting on Nigerian players on Betway than ever before. Betway lovers are confident that Nigerian football is gaining strides. And as Betway online soccer betting becomes popular, you have more people spending money on online betting, making it more popular.

The Three Nigerian Players Making a Difference

In this article, we are going to celebrate three Nigerian giants who have had a significant impact on the football scene of the country. You will notice that they all have one thing in common; they were born on August 1.

#1. Chief Sebastian Babatunde Williams.

Chief S.B Williams was one man who had an impact on the football field in Nigerian. He might not have played for any football team, but he was a die-hard fan of Nigerian soccer. During the 1990s, he was the man behind the scene who was making things run in place. Chief Williams was at the forefront of nurturing young talents. Also, he was part of the Nigerian Football Association in 1988 and 1989.

During the recruitment of Clemens Westerhof, he brought him into coach the Nigerian football team. He went a step further by paying Westerhof his dues for some time. Westerhof is remembered for leading the national team to win the Nations Cup in 1994.

Chief Williams died in 1997.

#2.Nwankwo Kanu

NwankwoKanu, better known as Papilo, is best known for  Nigeria’s success in China in 1985. At only 15 years old he was a star for the   U-17 team. He would repeat history in Japan when the group became the world championships for the U-23 category. Papilo was a force to reckon with at a young age, and he would go on to lead the team to win big. He is most remembered for leading the Nigerian team to become the first African team to win the gold medal at the Olympics. “The Butterfly effect’ from Kanu is what made the Nigerians defeat Argentina 3-2. All this happened a day before Kanu’s 20th birthday.

Papilo was destined for greatness because he took part in the World Cup thrice. Also, he won other international titles such as the UEFA EPL, UEFA Champions League, and other titles.

#3.Fatai Atere. 

Atere and Papilo were part of the squad that won the tournament in China in 1985. However, his career started way after he was chosen as the captain for his U-16 team, which won big in Canada in 1985. He played for the National team before moving to Tottenham Hotspurs in 1988. Although he was destined for greatness, he never went on to take a professional football career.  He relocated to the US to further his education.


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