Casino Commandments: The Don’ts of Gambling

In the realm of gambling, much like in any other kind of hobby, there are some do’s and don’ts. While they aren’t prohibited, they are strict in that if you want a great gaming experience at the online casinos like – stick to the don’ts. Like anything, the more you practice it the easier it gets. 

You’ll soon realise you’re sticking to the don’ts of gambling in no time when you consistently follow the casino commandments, and you can, with minimal effort required on your part. Gambling is a fun hobby, but sometimes things can go awry. Read on for the don’ts of gambling. 

Don’t Cheat 

Just don’t cheat. While it’s really hard to do so now anyway thanks to the rise of the online casino, if you’re caught cheating when you’re gambling you could be banned or worse. There’s no better feeling than a fair and square win after all, so don’t waste your time even attempting to cheat the online casino. 

To be sure you don’t need to win or cheat to enjoy your chosen casino games, choose an online casino that you really love. And, make sure you play a game for the fun of it above all else. This way, you won’t need to cheat to feel like you have had a good time.

Don’t go Overboard 

When you’re playing at online casino sites, it can be easy to go overboard and suddenly find that you’ve been sitting there all day playing the same casino games. While casino games are great for many reasons, the enjoyment factor for one thing, they aren’t so great for one other – they can be addictive for some people. 

The way to avoid going overboard when you’re playing casino games is by setting a timer on your phone or the device you’re playing with on. For instance, say you want to play slots or other casino games for no longer than 30 minutes, simply set a timer to go off after 30 minutes and you’re good to go. 

Don’t Chase your Losses 

Let’s say you lost a few quid walking down the street in a town that takes an hour or more to get to and a whole lot of public transport. You wouldn’t go back to that town in the hopes that there’s a slim chance you’ll find that money would you? The same goes when it comes to the online casino market. 

As likely as it is you’ll win, it’s just as likely you’re going to lose. Don’t be one of those people who try and chase what they’ve lost gambling and then end up with even less than they started with. While it’s a formula that has worked for some people, it’s an unlikely one. 

Don’t Give Up 

On that note, also don’t give up. If it’s not working for you and you’re not enjoying the casino games then stop. Otherwise, if you love your casino games and have found the ideal casino for you, but you just haven’t won yet, don’t give up. Even though you can’t see it, luck is always on your side – but it’s a good idea to follow these casino commandments so it has a helping hand.



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