Cargo Airport: Ekiti begins payment of compensation to farmers

EKITI State Government has started paying compensation for the over 700 farmers whose lands have been marked for demolition to pave way for the construction of the much talked about cargo airport.

The affected farmers who are being paid in batches are spread across different towns namely; Igbemo, Ijan, iluomoba, Araromi, Afao, all in Ekiti State.

Some of the farmers who have been handed over their cheques lamented how the compensation given them was not in commensurate with the size of their farms and the produce planted there.

The criteria used in paying the compensation included the type of produce planted on the farms.

Those whose compensations were a little bit higher were those who had cocoa, cassava, yams, banana and palm fruits on their farms while those with nothing planted were exempted from the compensations.

Many of the affected farmers have been thrown into uncertainty over the takeover of their inheritance which they said was the legacy they inherited from their forefathers.

Some of the farmers who spoke to the Tribune Aviation expressed worries over what the future have for them as their only means of livelihood have been taken away from them which they said the meager compensation paid to them cannot replace.

As payment for the compensation continues, the state government has formally handed over of the project site to the main contractor to commence the construction of the 3.2 kilometres runway of the cargo airport.

According to the government, a total 4,017 hectares of land was acquired for the airport project which tallies with the infrastructural and industrial development agenda of the government aimed at connecting the state’s agribusiness industry to global market through an Agro-allied Cargo Airport.


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