Can lack of sex cause abdominal pains?

abdominal painsI am a 21-year-old man who is yet to have any sexual experience. However, anytime I think of sex, I usually develop erections, which is sometimes followed by abdominal pains.

When I complained to my uncle, he told me that the abdominal pain was due to the fact that I have not been involved in sex.

Please is it true or is this a medical challenge. Please, I need your urgent help.

Leslie (by e mail)

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There is no connection between sexual abstinence and any form of ailments, abdominal pains inclusive.

Therefore, your uncle’s assertion is not correct. Rather than fill your mind with premature sexual feelings, it will be better to concentrate on your work/studies with more interest in sporting activities, reading and making friends with both male and female acquaintances.

If after all these you still have abdominal pains, then you should see your family doctor for a proper examination in order to confirm what is wrong with you.