Buhari won’t eat the forBIDEN fruit

It should be crystal clear to those who want to stop living in denial that the supposed Joe Biden presidency in America is Barack Obama 2.0. Majority of the new recruits in Washington and America’s “gifts” to the rest of the world, as envoys, are blatantly Obama-era operatives, maybe just minus Hillary Clinton. Except also for those who wished to remain in denial, especially Africans, who still struggle to accept that their history-making kinsman as first Black President of America, is now almost totally aligned with the devil, the discerning, world over, know what Barack represented as president and in his third term, through Biden, is beginning to manifest again.

Without doubt, the megalomaniac in him fancies self as the modern-day architect of the Free World and has been pulling strings to ensure God doesn’t count in the decisions of men again. I reckon that his joy and that of his allies would only be full, when the Supreme Court of United States is rid of the conservative nature Donald Trump left it in order to get highest judicial backing for those sinful far-left progressive ideas they have either be pursuing or have been keeping in the cooler. Expect their Washington to either pack the court by expanding it from the current nine, or start going crooked with Trump’s appointees to get them down and out. Washington is currently like a night soil-man. His shaking can’t be comforting.

Thankfully, they are showing their hands early. A government that came in just about 20 days ago is already threatening sanctions against countries, not playing their gay/lesbian show. And some Christians jubilated when vote-dump was used in collaboration with Washington Establishment to rid White House of Trump. Biden even confirmed in a leaked conversation that Republicans beat Democrats silly around the country, but somehow only Trump lost. Are they saying there was a cultural revolt against the ex-president from which the rest of Republicans, down the ballot, were immune?

The ongoing battle to bar him forever from seeking office again, should be the clearest indicator that without corona-induced opportunity to dump votes, his clean votes would have been more than enough, to keep him in the White House and allow nations of the world, breathe well, without Obama/Washington’s filthy knee on their neck, trying to force-feed them, of Sodom and Gomorrah!

During the cliff-hanging moments in the election that supposedly brought Biden, I wrote here that Jill’s husbie would not be President, except the cup of his gang was running over, for God to drain. Well, he isn’t President in the real sense of being the one with real power. But for those who would want to argue that a President is a President, regardless of who the puppeteers are, it stands to reason that the “If”, (the full cup of iniquity) is the Divine choice. You ask if I’m privy to God’s marking scheme. No, I lay no claim to either of clairvoyance or power of prophesy. But I also know God says no peace for the wicked, with Isaiah 3:11 coming with the clearest pronouncement on what the Obama gang is trying to do with humanity, by forcing down, the filthy culture of so-called sexual orientation absolute freedom.

Thankfully, it is early enough in the day, for God-loving leaders around the world, especially in Africa and particularly, Nigeria, to stop their daydream and prepare ahead for the Biden challenge. This is no shadowy dance against the wall. This is knocking head against the wall of unrighteousness sprouting again in Washington. Definitely, there would be bruises, broken skull and blood, because the evil men in Washington won’t blink to start a civil war to remove an uncompromising President. But for those who would stand steadfast for the sake of the Kingdom of God, victory is certain.


Re: Glibbers at ten

I want to congratulate you on the success you have made of your column in the last ten years. You proved your meetle as a fearless and honest writer. I have been following you for quite some time and I stand by my position that you are fearless. I, like many people, have had to look at your face on some occasions. Beside, many spokespersons of our state governors have had the cause to call you names over your views on their cluelessness. Of importance was Chief Rauf Aregbesola, I think your kinsman. You were a torn in his flesh when he held sway in Osun. One good thing about you is that you praise him and others when you think they are on course.

I had exchange of words with you in the build-up to 2015 presidential election. I was a die-hard Buharist and took it upon myself to defend him against what many of us believed naively then; that there was a grand conspiracy to deny Buhari his right to lead the nation. Many writers and opinion moulders were believed to be commissioned to use his religion and ethnicity to denigrate him and paint him as a bigot and ethnic chauvinist. The way you were prophetically warning Nigeria about the danger of handling Nigeria over to a fundamentalist and Fulani nationalist drew my ire. You should recollect that we had hot exchange of views then.

Although, unknown to you, many sent messages to me calling me unprintable names. These were Christians who believed Buhari will turn Nigeria to mono-religious state. The state of the nation after that election has shown what a prophet you were. There is no doubt that all men of conscience who supported General Buhari (retired) are rueing their fate today silently. This is because the change we clamoured for has eluded us. Lastly, I appreciate your statement concerning the feedback issue. You have turned your column to a radio. “A soro ma gba esi.” Many believe that when a teacher teaches his students a lesson and asks questions, it is either they know it or you don’t understand the lesson at all. The latter is usually the case. I am happy that you promise to publish people’s responses to your views. More grease to your elbow. Adewuyi Adegbite ayekooto05@gmail.com.


N.B–I appreciate ayekooto’s kind words and the follow-up call, to wish Gibbers well ahead of the future. May we all find fulfilment in Jesus Name.



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