Buhari pledges global alliances for total defeat of Boko Haram

⦁ launches 2020 armed forces remembrance day emblem

President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday said the Federal government will remain steadfast in developing alliances with neighbours and friends in the international community for the total defeat of the Boko Haram insurgents.

He maintained that peace and security of Nigeria are non-negotiable, urging security agencies to continue to do their work diligently to secure the country.

Buhari spoke in Abuja where he formally launched the 2020 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration Emblem and Appeal Fund.

He recalled that the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration was intentionally fixed for 15th of January, annually, to commemorate the end of the Nigeria civil war, adding that the occasion reminded Nigerians of the need to guard jealously the unity of the country which was won at a great cost.

President Buhari lamented that the unfortunate cost of the war against insurgency and other internal security operations was the loss of lives of some of the officers and men in the Armed Forces.

“These very sad occurrences create deep wounds to loved ones. It is, therefore, our duty to ensure that the loss of these breadwinners does not relegate the spouses and dependents to a life of want and deprivation,” he said.

He insisted that Boko Haram terrorists have been substantially defeated and degraded to the extent that they are only daring soft targets, saying this has led to the return of normalcy in affected parts of the nation.

He said: “However, all hands must be on deck to check the attacks on soft targets, mostly innocent Nigerians.

“As a government, we will continue to provide necessary logistical support to ensure that our Armed Forces operate with the best modern warfare equipment, while at the same time adequately addressing the issues of their welfare,” Buhari said.

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He accordingly directed the Service Chiefs to take urgent steps to settle the entitlements of the fallen heroes past well as the welfare packages designed for their dependants.

Buhari said it was the responsibility of government to ensure that the families of the fallen heroes do not suffer the loss of their loved ones and at the same time be deprived of their due benefits.

He said: “We are once again gathered to acknowledge and commend the sacrifices of our fallen heroes and veterans of First and Second World Wars, Nigerian Civil War and Peace Support Operations around the world.

“We must not forget those currently engaged in Internal Security Operations, particularly the on-going war against insurgency in some parts of the country.

“It is indeed befitting to honour the memory of the gallant officers and men who paid the supreme sacrifice to keep the country united.  For those who survived with varying degrees of incapacitation, they require our attention and care and we will continue to provide and cater for them.

“This day calls to mind the negative impact of strife and conflicts and demands that as responsible citizens, we must at all times avoid actions that emphasise our differences.

“There is no doubt that the strength of Nigeria lies in her diversity. It behoves us, therefore, to engage in activities and endeavours that feed our diversity as a source of strength, not weakness.

“The nation is appreciative of the gallantry and sacrifices of Officers and Men of our Armed Forces in the campaign against insurgency and other Internal Security Operations,” he said.

President Buhari said he was aware that it is the business of government to provide the enabling environment for businesses to thrive, stressing that his administration would not fail to provide citizens with an atmosphere that is devoid of security threats and criminality.

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