Buhari Media Organisation will soon tank

An incorrigible assemblage by the moniker; Buhari Media Organisation (BMO) has assigned itself the role of the Keeper of Order in public service, since the contentious re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari. The toddling group now dictates who serves the nation and who doesn’t on the basis of partisanship heirdom, foolishly equating support for the president to love for the country and vice-versa. Arrant absurdity. Fortunately for the trio of Ibrahim Nakande, Niyi Akinsiju and Cassidy Madueke running the shadowy organisation, they have not really met their match among those chosen for their pilot project, simply because they are not Buhari’s friends.

How childish!

If any political party thinks winners-take-all mentality will keep it soaring, good luck. But when a couple in such gathering receive enough sense to look for help among those who do not necessarily share their political filiality, but knowledgeable enough to add value, BMO or its allied forces cannot and should not be allowed to become mass media terrorists, bludgeoning appointees’ characters all in the name of–cooked it alone, must lick it alone. Akinsiju, Muiz Banire’s sidekick, is a lucky chap. He hasn’t met public officers and prospective appointees with balls, that is why he and his wayfaring colleagues could score a brace, within months, first with the senate president and ace columnist Dr Festus Adedayo and then days back, with Minister of State for Budget and National Planning and BudgIT fellow, Seun Onigbinde.

Well, Adedayo could be exempted because he hung on, despite the withering efforts of BMO and kind, before his would-be principal succumbed to Akinsiju and Cassidy’s blackmail that Lawan was seeking allies among the president’s enemies.

How cheeky!

BMO is lucky I have no leading of the Spirit to be in government in this paa tan-no tan (wasteful) era. Were I to be so led, I’m certain my Father would create that opening and would bring a fruitfully-stubborn boss, right inside their so-called government. Then, I would wait to be heckled like Adedayo and Onigbinde, because as God would have it, I’m no lover of the president, though I pray for him in obedience to the scripture. In me, BMO would have found a purposely-deaf and ipako o gbo suti (I don’t care) enemy-appointee.

Having a, and being a PAC (Political Action Committee) is a fad in nearly all functional democracies, and particularly made popular by the very interesting American swampy and swanky politics, which means BMO isn’t stomping any convention, trying to leech on the president and be his megaphone, even if un-commissioned.

There is even no problem getting lousy and going for the broke when interests clash, at least it would be clear to all that what is at stake is everybody’s belly and scooping enough to fill it. Isn’t that what Yoruba call awodi jeun epe (a desperado, feeding on others like vultures)?

You can kick if you think your baale is either trying to give your dinner to cat or spend on a supposed outsider, what my people will call owo ile (common wealth). Can you blame such a leader when those within are just mere whiners, with little value to add beyond sycophancy, not ready to acquire requisite knowledge to be result-oriented, but always quick to attack those considered as outsiders, invited to consume what they think should be their inheritance, simply because they joined others in howling Next Level, during the election?

If the current administration is sensible enough, it should immediately see through Akinsiju and his baranda (shadowy) advocacy, and either give it the Okoi’s treatment or a wide possible berth, since the president in good conscience cannot stop any opportunist from practising  his own brand of yahoo.

Yoruba have a warning for someone with a friend who chases others, away from him or her. Such a fellow is always advised to dump such a friend. Many a never-satisfied mum has been worn the inglorious winch toga, without ordinary sorority membership because dem own too much for their pikin life.

If every firewood is considered infested and withdrawn from the oven, Yoruba usually rule such cooking, a ruse.

Before BMO, there had also been some behaving as exclusively possessing the Buhari bland brand. Adebayo Shittu and Usani Nguru come directly to mind. I predict here Nguru, in particular, will end up in the party he boasted before the Senate he would rather die than identify with by the time APC is done, dealing with him in Cross River. What about the forlorn Owelle?

Let’s even concede that BMO owns the Buhari franchise and Buhari owns everybody in government; judiciary, legislature et al, (well, he does) and by inference, BMO holds the lever everywhere. Would that translate to the nation and her future becoming their Boys Quarters where bonafide citizens with value, can’t contribute again, because BMO isn’t saying Yes? Peculiar mess!

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When Hadi Sirika and Geoffrey Onyeama were cluelessly groping in the face of progrom confronting Nigerians in South Africa, who did God use? A supposed enemy in the aviation sector; Air Peace, the same Allen Onyema, who Buhari’s friends had not allowed a breather since 2015 all in the name of suspected association with Goodluck Jonathan’s wife. When FEC was just freckling, an accused opponent, provided the needed elixir.

That is sense. What if BMO’s kindred in aviation had succeeded in snuffing out his business?

Regardless of who wields the political power, Nigeria is our collective inheritance. Administrations come and go, the sensible ones amongst them will look for men and women who can deliver, after the election is won and lost. I’m certain BMO is this “powerful” because it is preying on the sentimental-make of a president who always looks for voting ratio. Something, however, tells me that BMO and its allied will soon get soaked, seeking a hat-trick, early in the game. Alaseju (the impudent), always comes to easy shame.

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