Breast enlargement, tightening drugs can cause cancer —Expert

As Nigeria joins others globally to mark World Cancer Breast Awareness Week, a medical expert, Professor Millicent Obajimi has warned that drugs and creams used by many women to ensure bigger and firmer breasts and pointed nipples may cause breast cancer.

Professor Obajimi spoke at the 2019 pink month 2019 programme for army officers wives at Adekunle Fajuyi Cantonment by the Ibadan Multidisciplinary Breast Tumour Board tagged ‘Dispelling the Myths of Breast Cancer in Blacks.’

Obajimi, a radiologist, stated that these contain hormones and steroids which are chemical substances that could make the body cells grow irrationally and before long, grow to be cancers.

She said “those cells will be confused and they will begin to do the wrong thing and then ends up as cancer.”

“Even breast enlargement using silicone implants too get complicated when it collapses. That is an artificial one that is put inside the breast. Now consider those substances rubbed on the breast to make it grow bigger, firm or the nipple pointed, that will work haphazardly, so women should be careful.”

Professor Obajimi stated that breast cancer results from abnormal cell growths and a problem that if detected early and treated promptly, is curable.

The expert said that breast cancer now accounts for 14 per cent of all cancer deaths globally and its incidence is increasing because of urbanisation, contraception, improper diet, smoking, having few children and environmental factors as stress and exposure to radiations.

She, however, added that genes and being female were major reasons to develop breast cancer.

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Obajimi said people with a family history of breast cancer stand a higher risk of developing the illness and urged them to start screening for breast cancer before they were 40 years, unlike other women.

According to her, signs and symptoms of breast cancer include palpable mass, skin colouration, boil or scar around the nipple, breast pain, and nipple discharge.

She warned against excessive body weight, which she said can increase a person’s chances of developing breast cancer and other types of cancers.

Obajimi, however, dispel as untrue the notion that the use of second-hand bras can cause breast cancer but urged women to ensure a healthy life by regularly checking their blood pressure and sugar levels, maintain a healthy weight, exercise and get screened for cervical cancer.

Professor Chioma Asuzu, a psycho-oncologist, stated that individuals with cancers experience many psychosocial issues such as fear of the unknown, distress, anger, withdrawal and sadness.

Due to denial, she said many people seek traditional and religious healers, making them to come to the hospital late.

Professor Asuzu, therefore, warned that applying heat to any breast lump or use of vitamins and supplements cannot melt a breast lump or cure breast cancer.

According to her, “cancer is very expensive to manage, so they are better prevented. When they come, no matter how rich, you will feel it in your finances.”

General Officer Commanding, Adekumle Fajuyi Cantonment, Major General Anthony Omozoje, speaking through Lt. Col. Sunday Ayeni said many women are misled on breast cancer and urged the women to get screened for the cancer.