Bodija community receive medical intervention

A team of medical workers from an Indonesian pharmaceutical company in Nigeria, Dexa Medica on Wednesday visited the Bodija market in Ibadan.

The team of experts offered medical relief materials and services including eye, ear, nose, general body check-up as well as donation of prescribed drugs and eyeglasses to traders and local dwellers.

The event tagged “Pain Free Day,” was attended by hundreds of market users and residents from communities within Bodija market, as attendees were also educated on how to manage stress and the risks associated with inadequate body care.

Brand Executive Dexa Medica, Mrs Kafayat Moradeyo, who spoke during the opening ceremony said the programme was aimed at improving the lives of people at the grassroots. She said that market areas were targeted for the programme due to the strenuous activities that take place there, as well as the economic situation which affects routine medical check-ups.

She said, “This edition is specially designed to keep consumers fit as they go about their domestic and work activities.

“For the past 12 months we realised that people’s engagements across different functions have significantly increased in the bid to stay afloat owing to the current economic situation in the country. About 90 per cent of work locations visited across the nation involved some type of strenuous tasks.

“As a result, this has taken its toll on the people, especially traders, who rarely find the time to do health checks, because of the huge cost associated with it. Hence, the reason for an initiative like this, especially in the light of the recession, is to help consumers stay fit while saving up to cater for other areas of need.”

“I am confident that Dexa Medica will continue to improve the delivery of quality health care for consumers in the months ahead”.

Market users received free ENT, hypertension, blood sugar, general body check-ups, as well as free focal glasses for eye correction and prescription at the one-day programme.

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