Benue govt, police raid brothels, arrest 72 sex workers

Police raid brothel, arrest people including prostitutes
Police raid brothel, arrest people including prostitutes

BENUE state government in collaboration with police in the state Thursday night raided five brothels leading to arrest of 72 commercial sex workers.

The security adviser to Benue state governor, retired colonel Edwin Jando disclosed this while addressing women under the aegis of Women Situation Room Nigeria, Benue State chapter who protested rise in defilement and raping of children.

The women who marched through major streets of Makurdi, capital city of Benue on Friday decried the continuous rise in rape and defilement of children in Benue nay Nigeria Gbazua disclosed that in July alone 15 cases of rape involving children and girls between the ages of two and seven were recorded in Benue state.

Gbazua lamented that the situation had become worrisome which needed urgent attention, saying, “It is unfortunate that rapists and defilers of women and children are not properly prosecuted.”

The women carried placards‎ which read: ‘Say No to Rape, Stop rape and Child Abuse; Pass VAPP Law in Benue State; Stop girl defilement; CPN opposes rape against women; Implement laws against rape and other related crimes now in Benue’, among others.

Gbazua, said the Women Situation Room Nigeria in partnership with Alliance Against Domestic Violence and Abuse (AADVA), facilitated the Sit-Out protest, adding that the black on black attires symbolizes pain, hurt and grief of the violation of babies and children and women.

women protesting rise in rape, defilement of children in Makurdi, Benue State.
Women protesting rise in rape, defilement of children in Makurdi, Benue State. Photo: Johnson Babajide.

She noted that the recent defilement and death of a 14-year-old girl in Lagos state necessitated the protest, which she disclosed took place in 10 states including Benue, Bauchi, Kano, and Kaduna.

“There is a law against rape and defilement at the federal level – VAAP Act, but the law is yet to be passed in Benue state. The draft bill is before the state assembly and we are calling on the house to expedite action in passing the bill into law so as to prosecute those who indulge in such act.”

“The habit of silence and shame, religious interference‎ and official inaction had interfered with the justice system in Nigeria. We are calling on the government to do something against this,” she stated.

Gbazua said, “In July alone, Benue state recorded 15 cases of rape where children and girl between the ages of 2-7 were raped, defiled and nothing happened to the rapists.”

The governor who was represented by his security adviser said that rape is a capital offence and whoever indulged in such act must be punished.

”We have decided to visit all the rest spots in Makurdi chase away sex workers and discourage people from engaging themselves in such ventures and we will arrest, persecute anyone that is found in that act because it is ungodly and wicked means of living a life.”

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