Belly-fat removal now very easy for Nigerians ― Oladipo

Adekemi Oladipo, the Chief Executive Officer, GetFit Technologies Limited, popularly known by Getfitng, has provided explanations about some of its latest offerings,  Getfit apple cider gummies and Sweat stick, which, according to Oladipo, has been quite a revelation in Nigeria and across the world. 

According to Oladipo,  “Reducing belly fat is now easy and we are happy to pioneering a new life for Nigerians. Getfit apple cider gummies,  made up of 10 per cent acetic acid are very effective at reducing belly bloats and excess appetite, improves metabolism, assists in clearer skin and weight loss and so much more.

“It took us one year and 11 months to get this effect and we produced over 10 different samples until we got it right and effective.”

Oladipo stated further that the products contain special vitamins like B9, D 12, helps increase energy and also improves the immune system.

The sweat sticks, she said,  were designed to help improve sweat production during any form of physical activities to assist reduce water weight quickly. 

“We are all happier when we see our belly fat cry sweat during exercise,” she stated.

Adekemi, a computer scientist by training, further explained the rationale behind the monthly Getfitng giveaway. 

“We try to encourage our customers by giving support to them. We currently have a Getfitfoundation. We are currently working to help support further,” she stated.

The Getfitng brand, which has become popular in the body fitness market, has continued to expand, especially with its new products for reducing belly fats. 

In the words of Oladipo, “Getfitng is here to stay. We will be looking out to find new, healthy ways to improve and our customer’s health and help them stay fit.”


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