Be agents of change, Al-Mu’minaat challenges women

MUSLIM women have been urged to be agents of change and instrumental in societal transformation and reformation.

This plea was made by the Vice Principal (Hostels), Vanguards Academy, Odosengolu, Ogun State, Alhaja Bashirah Rabiu, at the Women’s/Awards Day of Al-Mu’minaat (The Believing Women) Organisation, Oyo State, held at NASFAT Prayer Ground, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Speaking on the topic ‘Societal Challenges: Muslim Women to the Rescue,’ Alhaja Rabiu noted that the chaos and unrest in the society today were as a result of people’s refusal to follow the divine injunction as contained in the Qur’an.

According to her, lust for materialism has brought about negligence of the home, which is the most important unit of the society.

She noted that bribery and corruption, nudity, homosexuality, cultism, thuggery, examination malpractices and a host of other social vices were widespread because of the refusal of parents, especially mothers, to fulfill their divine responsibility of child upbringing.

“The moral degeneration and chaos in our society will not abate unless women embrace and fulfill their divinely ordained responsibilities of being reformers of the society, moulders of morally upright children and builders of sound homes,” she said.

Other highlights of the event, which is part of Al-Mu’minaat Week, a biennial programme organised by Al-Mu’minaat Organisation, included the presentation of awards to Muslim women who have excelled in their careers and businesses and also contributed to the cause of Allah.

One of the awardees, Dr Zulfah Adeyemi of TZ Hospital, Idi Ape, Ibadan, implored women to strike a balance between their careers and their responsibilities as wives and mothers, noting that this was the only way to produce children who would comfort them in old age.

In the same vein, another awardee, Alhaja Zulfah Abimbola Olowu, a broadcaster with Fresh 105.9FM, Ibadan, emphasised the need for proper training and upbringing of the male and female children since the two sexes play complementary roles in establishing peaceful homes and societies.

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