BBNaija reunion and dwindling morals among young girls (2)

Continued from last week

And while the much publicised Big Brother Naija reunion for the lockdown edition has stopped airing, the revelations which has put the show in a bad light much more than previous  editions has raised the fundamental issue of morality or the lack of it among today’s youths.  The ex-housemates have not only made the show  rating drop among those that still hold the belief that the show has positive sides; the escapades were just one too many and it is disheartening that all the sexual drama revolved around the same characters.

Indeed, it seems that some of the ladies do not understand that life, as it is, goes beyond how much money you make; the exposure, social media validation or hype from fickle minded fans. How did it not occur to them that the bad morals they are flagrantly propagating has an effect not only on the show but also on the society. Are these the role models many youths that are fans of the show are being exposed to and are likely to emulate? Those that have no scrupples exhibiting sexual escapades and other forms of immorality on television have made immorality the trend and new normal. It is like they do not know that even wealth demands respectability and this is why many with ill-gotten wealth look fo avenues to sanitise their money.

The extreme wokeness displayed on the show will affect other girls especially the young ones who would ordinarily not want to tow the line of immorality to see it as normal. And this is why parents need to sit up and do their duties so that their wards will not have to take on role models that will unknowingly lead them to the path of perdition.

The obvious message from the reunion is that the essence of culture, morality and character has continued to degenerate to the extent that decency has been thrown into the bin. Some of the housemates have added to the burden of the organisers and put them in a place where they have to continually defend it before they are crucified for being a breeding ground and an altar on which decency is sacrificed and youths are led astray.

What role has the society and parents played in the increasing change in the behaviours of youths and their lack of deep thoughts, especially on effects and consequences of impulsive bad acts just to feel among. The influences of social media, modernisation, socialisation and herd mentality are factors responsible for the degeneration of youths in our society which makes it easy for girls to take body counts without inhibition on television. If this continues, the battle to stop the female gender from being reduced to a sexual package without any useful function aside being a sex symbol or machine will continue to fail.

For years now, the availability of drug, misuse of internet, carelessness by parents, permissive parenting and society, materialism and cultural imperialism, among others, have put many young girls on the verge of destruction. Many forget to practise moral values because of peer pressure and the deep seated longing to be accepted and be relevant among their contemporaries.  The current challenge of moral decay is an obvious effect of environmental reflection and the flip side of civilization, science and technology, over-exposure to the internet and social media, state’s apathy and family indifference and parent’s irresponsibility.

It is time for the young girls to wake up to this reality and for the society to do the right thing because the decline in ethical and moral values to prove points that really don’t matter will create a society that will continue to endanger the female folk and the girl child. It is time to teach the girl child the ethos of morality and reawaken the dead spirit of acceptable standard or ideal criterion based on social traditional, culture and religious courtesies that can stem moral decay.

As the torch bearer of the next generation, today’s young woman must be regenerated and given the required moral standing and education.


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