Bayelsa king suspends council of chiefs, youths body over attempt to impeach him

The Paramount ruler of Sabatoru Community in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State has announced the suspension of the community’s Council of Chiefs, Youths Executive and Community Development Committee (CDC) members over alleged attempt to impeach him.

King Amakiri Ekine, Saba the XII of Sabatoru Community announced their suspension on Tuesday, after a town hall meeting with his kinsmen in Sabatoru community.

Shortly after pronouncing their suspension, the paramount ruler appointed a new acting executive to supervise the affairs of the community, that of the Council of Chiefs was yet to be decided at press time.

The ruler of the crude oil rich community claimed that he suspended the Council of Chiefs led by Chief Oweikigha Collins because they mobilised the youth and women organisations to suspend him.

Amongst the chief suspended are Chief Kuradoite Sagbe, Amadabo of Obiama, Chief Oweikigha Collins, Chairman Council of Chiefs, all the youth executives, the CDC chairman and women wing.

The newly inaugurated committee members are Chief Ifiemi Esele, now the Amadabo of Obiama, Mr Samuel Inegite to act as the new CDC Chairman, while Walayo Ezekiel woman leader.

Others are Mr Samson Danfo, youth president, Mr Otari Famous vice president, Mr Newton Bonnie, secrMetri Kumosuonyo Adengi, Public Relations Officer, Mr Young Glassglow, financial secretary and Joshua Temple treasurer.

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He said: “We are doing our best for our dear oil bearing community, to survive and come to limelight but some mischievous people are taken us backwards.

“The reason I called for the general meeting, is to allow the accused explain to our people what I have done wrong to be suspended, but they never turned up to honour a third class king like myself.

“So today, I have inaugurated a new cabinet to manage the affair of Sabaturu community in Nembe kingdom, and hope that they would not follow the part of those that have been suspended.”

The new youth president, Samson Danfo, said a new Sabatoru has been born as those that do not want development have been shown the way out.

In his speech, he said that he is grateful to God, as he was chosen as the new youth president and promised to work for the development of the community.

He stressed that Sabatoru under King Ekine has experienced relative peace and progress and that only retrogressive and unpatriotic elements would want to dethrone an innocent king who is immeasurably loved by his people.

It was learnt that the King of the autonomous oil-rich community was crowned over 10 years ago and is a third class king recognised by the Bayelsa Government.

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