Bayelsa guber: Confusion within party may make PDP lose ― Group

The Bayelsa State Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Support Group has raised the alarm that prominent politicians in Bayelsa and Rivers States are making surreptitious moves to cause confusion in the PDP by falsely encouraging multiple governorship aspirants to enter the race with the sinister intent to make the party lose the election.

The Coordinator òf the Group, Chief Isaac Ipidei, said in a statement on Wednesday that the politicians especially two of them have been holding frequent secret meetings with Chief Timipre Sylva òf the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Ipidei called on the national leadership of the PDP to note what he described as the dangerous duplicity political camp of the politician in the state in order to take the requisite steps to avert any threat to PDP’s victory at the November 16 governorship polls.

He called on the national leadership of the PDP to take the expected measures to halt the subversive action linked to the former President in order to prevent him from repeating the PDP loss of political power at the centre in his native Bayelsa.

Ipide said that it was rather curious that the notable national leader of the party who rode to the peak of his political career on the platform of the PDP would sponsor opposition candidate to subvert the chances of the party for reasons known to him.

He urged the PDP family in Bayelsa to be wary of the leader who he accused of deliberate refusal to support the party financially or morally during its moments of trial and during crucial election since 2012.

He said that the National leadership òf the PDP would not probe for long before they realize that the said politicians are sponsoring litigation in favour òf defeated candidates of other parties sponsored by them in the last election.

He lamented that the leader has refused to speak out against those who were gruesomely murdered by soldiers loyal to the APC and on the issue of internally displaced persons in Nembe Bassambiri, by thugs of the APC working in collusion with soldiers during the last election. But he is quick to condemn the killing of those of other ethnic group, always wanting to look good before others at the expense of his kinsmen.

He warned that this politician and national leader of the PDP and his men were out to replay in Bayelsa the unfortunate incidents which followed this lack of decisiveness that resulted in the disintegration of the cohesive PDP and its eventual defeat by the APC in the 2015 election.

“It is sad that he (the leader) is not playing his expected role. He does not support the party in any way yet he encourages several politicians to indicate interest in the governorship òf the state in the pretext that he is supporting them just for the purpose of creating confusion.

“A good number to of the aspirants are traceable to him, his wife, his friend, King AJ Turner. In spite of this, they are constantly meeting with Chief Timipre Sylva.

We wish to alert our national leaders that this unnecessary duplicity on the party of the former President is a threat to the party in the next election which should be stopped forthwith”, he said.
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