Bauchi State University to produce paracetamol, other drugs soon ― VC

Following the delivery of tabletting equipment, the Bauchi State University, Gadu, will soon be producing paracetamol and other drugs, vice-chancellor of the university, Prof Auwal Uba, has said.

This was even as he said the university will start running doctorate programmes in pharmacy.

Uba made this known during an interview with newsmen in Kaduna on Monday.

Uba remarked when the equipment are fully fixed, ‘we will engage major stakeholders who will guide us on what to do.

“We will start the production of drugs like paracetamol and others that are needed by patients soon,” he declared.

Also shedding more light, the Dean of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the university, Dr Yahaya Katagum, said “we received some heavy machines which include the tabulating machines.”

According to him, “the tabulating machine is used to make all sorts of tablets including paracetamol, Ventolin and many more.

“Secondly, we also have the granulating machine which stirs the powdery substance called the active pharmaceutical ingredients and turns them into granules.

“We have received the integrating machine, mixer machines and many others.

“We also have an impressive and modern laboratory called the formulating lab. All the machines are kept at the formulating laboratory and from there, we will churn out many products.

“As you can see, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences has all the facilities, the equipment, the specimen and laboratories to impact knowledge into our students.

“I can assure you that after rounding up their courses, we would have the best graduating students,” Katagum declared.


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Bauchi State University to produce paracetamol | Bauchi State University to produce paracetamol |

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