Bauchi filling stations yet to adjust to new pump prices

48 hours after the Federal Government announced a downward review of prices of petroleum products, some filling stations in Bauchi are yet to adjust their prices.

When our Correspondent went around Bauchi metropolis to monitor the price adjustment situation, it was discovered that apart from the NNPC Mega stations, other filling stations particularly independent marketers are yet to comply with the directives.

In one of the filling station along Yelwa road, the attendant told our Correspondent that the manager is the one responsible for the adjustment and since he has not done so, there is nothing they can do.

She, however, said that the manager has promised to effect the downward adjustment today or tomorrow depending on the time the engineer will arrive.

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At another filling station along Jos road, the attendant said that they are waiting for the people who will come to adjust the pump to reflect the new price reduction.

The manager of the NNPC mega station along Jos road said that his station has immediately adjusted the price to the new one as soon as the directive was given saying that they have no option than to comply.

Some of the users of the product particularly PMS expressed disappointment that 2 days after the directive was given by the government, marketers in Bauchi are yet to comply calling on the concerned authorities to act.

While at the Bauchi State office of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) for reactions to the situation, the Controller was said not to be on seat and no one was ready to make comments on the development.


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