Bauchi farmers support revolving scheme of distribution of fertiliser

Farmers in Bauchi state have expressed their support to the newly introduced revolving scheme of distribution of fertiliser to farmers across the 20 local government areas of the State for the 2019 farming season in order to make it easier for them to get the commodity.

Chairman of Bauchi State Rice Farmers of Nigeria Association, Dr Yahaya Adamu Yusuf and Chairman Sorghum and Millet Farmers, Bauchi State, Alhaji Musa Mohammed Cibiyayi stated this Wednesday when they jointly addressed a Press conference in Bauchi.

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They said that, “this farming season, government came out with a new system that was abolished by the previous government, that is the distribution of fertiliser to real farmers in all the 20 local government areas, the system has helped real farmers to get the commodity easily unlike in the past when the commodity was allocated to many people, many times during the allocation era people, who know someone gets the commodity but real farmers are excluded, we are happy with the new system it eliminates corruption and the activities of middlemen”.

The duo further said that the new system of the revolving scheme has helped to make the commodity available and affordable because only real farmers can go to the office of Bauchi State Agricultural Supply Company (BASAC) and purchase the commodity at government control price of N5, 500 per bag.

They also said that the system has eased their activities because it was taken to all the 20 local government areas including villages and remotes areas and commended the State Governor Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed and the Permanent secretary State Ministry of agriculture for their doggedness and steadfastness to protect the interest of the farmers.

The two Chairmen said that the scheme has made a difference because of the money left in the hands of the Ministry to purchase the commodity again immediately it was finished they have now secured over 18,000 metric tonnes of NPK and they have 3000 metric tonnes urea which was not available in the past years back.

They said that the system will help farmers to be defendable and get profit from their agricultural products and urged the government to sustain the programme and commended the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Dr  Bala Lukshi for always making his doors open to all farmers.