Bankers and ‘japa’ syndrome

It is commonly said that where two elephants engage in battle, the green grass under them will definitely suffer a lot. The incessant relocation of workers in Nigerian banks to foreign countries in the quest for greener pastures has caused serious setbacks in the banking sector in recent times. Apparently, there is some deficiency  in the area of information computer technology (ICT)  in some of the banks operating in the country. Many of the experts who could have helped have massively abroad in droves and the work on the ground is apparently too cumbersome for the available staff.

My personal experience in a particular bank in recent times showed that more qualified workers are needed in the banking sector for the replacement of those who have traveled abroad. There is frequent network failure in banking transactions and in the telecommunication sector as well. The fact remains that in many of the banks, contract staff are more than full-time workers, a factor that has affected their operations negatively. A situation where someone has been a contact staff in a bank for a period of 10 years or more without any promotion can actually lead to frustration.

  • Rev. Oladimeji Michael Olalekan, Ibadan.


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