Banditry: Katsina government rescues nine Nigeriens

Katsina State government has rescued four men, three girls, a nursing mother and her child from Niger Republic who were picked by the bandits in Bima village on the Niger-Nigeria border.

This brings the number of rescued victims in the last one month to 190.

Briefing newsmen at the Government House, Governor Aminu Bello Masari said both the government and the security forces have been making effort to secure the release of all the victims in the hands of the kidnappers.

“Since securing the release of Kankara students, the government, the army and the police and other security forces; we have been on our toes making effort to rescue all the kidnapped victims unconditionally.”

Opposed to the assumption by some people that the government is making dialogue with the bandits, Masari said, “we are not dialoguing under any condition; we are using the same window we followed to secure the release of Kankara students.”

Masari said whoever thought the government is negotiating with the bandits, is only making an assumption.

“You may recall, recently the bandits attacked and burnt houses in a village in this state; if we are negotiating with them, will that happen?”

Among the latest rescued victims is an old man Malam Sani 85 years old who is also the village head of Bima.

Narrating their ordeal, Malam Sani said they spent 19 days in captivity. ‘’We were fed twice a day by the bandits.’’ He said they were subjected to beating day and night by the bandits.

He thanked the Katsina State government for rescuing them. “We are thankful to the Katsina State government. We appreciate the brotherly gesture by our neighbours,” he said.

The victims have been handed over to health personnel for medical checkup, after which the governor said they will be handed over to the government of Maradi.


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